Zenyatta Orb of Destruction PTR "Weapon Spread Removed"

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Anyone care to explain what this change means please?
How was there weapon spread on his orb of destruction to begin with?
idk but maybe play the PTR and find out, atleast that's what im gonna do now.
Go into live, and hit training.
Set Zen reticle to small or regular crosshair, with bloom on.
Look at the reticle.
Now turn bloom off, and look again.
Next, shoot 5-6 orbs from your primary at a wall from about 20m away. Do it again from 40m.
Look at the pattern of hits on the wall, and you'll understand completely.
I was wondering this too but some people pointed out if you fire far away there is a small spread left to right or something.

It's more noticeable when used on alt fire apparently as it's more random on that. If this is true I wanna see a comparison video to see how significant this is.

I never noticed it myself I suppose. But I think it would help with hitting Pharahs on consoles that much more now despite his projectiles.

I was able to hit her before but if this goes live I should have little issue.
okay, cool. So he will shoot more accurately now. Neat.

Thanks for the info everyone! :)
The difference is miniscule tbh. I have over 100 hours on Zen, I tried this out on PTR and can say that it made little to no difference to my accuracy%. The shots feel almost exactly the same and I'm not even sure how this helps Zen considering his accuracy was never an issue to begin with.

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