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I think her alt fire orb needs to have a clear visual on the target it can pull in.

I had a hard time looking a what I can pull in when in the middle of the fight. I know the orb gives off a green line to a target within its range, but its so small and hard to see.

A better visual feedback for that would be good.
03/02/2017 05:46 PMPosted by JagBone
I think her alt fire orb needs to have a clear visual on the target it can pull in.
It's designed more to pull people out of position into her line of fire, as well as out of cover.
I'm actually fine with her health as is. She has an incredible kit, and we finally have a tank that can do sustained damage from a good distance.

The way I see it she's flexible enough to be used from the front (with her fortify and serviceable armour) but her main role is to tank from the back by providing suppressive fire, dislocating entrenched enemies, and throwing barriers to the front.

Her weaknesses are that she has no mobility, which combined with her large hitbox and low health means if she gets caught out or loses a teamfight, she's almost certainly dead as she won't be able to escape and her kit probably isn't going to get her out of it.

In terms of balance I do think her gun needs a nerf. I like its nigh bottomless magazine combined with massive reload time, it adds another layer of tactics as to when it's safe to reload. I think its spread could be slightly increased and/or projectile speed could be lowered to reduce her effective range a little (not too much, but a little). The damage is fine in my opinion, it helps give her a fighting chance in a 1v1 versus most opponents.

I do agree that it's slightly silly that Rein takes damage from smacking into her, but honestly it's kind of the Reins fault for using charge on the Orisa. Much like a Phara should know better than to Ult while an enemy widowmaker has sights on the area, a Rein should know not to charge directly at an Orisa player unless they know Fortify is on cooldown. It doesn't make the rest of Reins kit useless, he can still shield and firestrike, he just needs to play it a little safer.

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