I Can't Take It Anymore.

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03/03/2017 09:54 AMPosted by Spooder
03/03/2017 09:52 AMPosted by StackOfCups
The reality is that if you're not good enough to climb the ranks, then you're fairly close to where you should be. Think I'm just being a jerk? Look at my comp stats. I'll own where I'm at if that's my skill level. I used to blame my teams and while sometimes it's true, heck maybe even most of the time, that your team really does bring you down, a platinum or higher player can actually still carry. So, if you're not able to carry the derp teams and work well with the not derp teams, you won't win 50.01+% of your games and therefore won't increase your SR.
How can a support carry his team?

Quick answer? You can't because that's not the point of a support character. You can help others carry though.
03/03/2017 09:45 AMPosted by Spooder
I cant take it anymore. Im low silver due to the stupid placement system, and I cant take it anymore. If you look at my profile you can see I play with supports. My most played hero in this season is mercy (In the previous season it was lucio) and Dva is the 2nd most played (In case people wont tank) and I cant take it anymore.
I love this game SOOO MUCH, like SOOOOOOO MUCH but competetive is unplayable for me. I do eveything. Seriously, but what can a guy that just wants to help his team do when 5 people lock on dps or when someone is griefeing?
I have friends. One has 500SR so we cant play together, the other is level 8 and I have another friend that can only play for 1 hour ONLY in weekends. All are there because I got them into to game.
This current system wont work, and Im speaking for all the low SRs that seriously dont deserve this rank.
I do my best to help the team, and guess what I get back? 5 dps.

"If you got this rank you deserve it!". I did my placement matches when I was level 25. I lost most of them and got placed in super low silver. since then my days look like this:
Win, lose, win, lose, win, lose. at the end of the day I go nowhere, and lets not even start talking about how much I suffer from getting mad over griefers that try to get low SR and how boring it is to play support for hours.

Blizzard, please. These forums are filled with pros and grandmasters, so the most feedback you get is from them. Its not only me.
I do my best and end up suffering and staying in the same SR for weeks over weeks over weeks of playing.
make placement matches actually do anything.
Save us. I beg.

If you are any good, you will dominate all by yourself at that rank, it doesn't even matter if someone leaves your game.

I'm high gold, low plat, thats where I end up every season, when I'm in low gold, I dominate the entire game by myself, when I'm in mid plat, I get crushed.

Get better at the game and you will climb out of Silver very quickly, the players there are super awful.
The answer you don't want to hear is keep improving. I was at Silver in S3 because of the adjustement to MMR (down from Plat-High Gold). I was able to solo myself way back up to Plat. I made it out by being able to carry my games, which means my skill level wasn't reflective of the average player in Silver, so I moved up accordingly. Now I can't carry anymore, people are more woke in my MMR range in relation to my skill

I totees agree that being a team game you can't control others, and also that rank is not indicative perfectly of where you belong because of this exact reason (teams being uncoordinated and RNG). But if I can carry games from Silver to Plat (where my skill probably belongs so I plateau), and if pros and GM's could carry themselves from Plat to GM while solo queing, it's because the pool for MMR, while not perfect, has a good medium to it. So all in all, keep grinding fam, you can do it. You just need to figure out where your flaws are, because you can't do much about the others

There is also the factor of what you bring to the table, maybe you're great but you're a great TEAM player and not a solo carrier or backline steahlthy harasser, so you can't climb alone. Make friends! If you play a non solo sustainable character then you are truly at the mercy of other players when it comes to the outcome of the game.
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03/03/2017 09:54 AMPosted by Spooder
How can a support carry his team?

This may be hard to believe but if you can keep your teams health from reaching 0, it makes it really hard for them to die.

True story.

Then you get the soldier who, upon seeing Mercy healing him, immediately dives in to 1v6 and dies almost instantly.

Or Chargehardt, whom only Ana can reliably keep alive unless he's taking <60 damage each second or using his shield properly (in which case Mercy works).

Or Gengu Master, also known as "I need healing" and "why didnt u follow me [when I tried ulting 6 people with only 100 health and no backup]".

Or Windowlicker, also known as "46 shots 1 kill".

I just play Pharah or Zarya. It seems to work fairly well for me, I'm pretty sure I've carried at least two matches as Pharah in comp so far and turned the tide of another with Zarya. Support just doesn't keep enemies dead enough.
it honestly feels like youre complaining more about not having people to play with because you dont think you can solo your way out of silver. if you cant get your way out, that means youre at about the level youre at. As a tank/support main myself, I know they can help carry a team, its more difficult, but its possible.
03/03/2017 09:52 AMPosted by BlueLightnin
You have a 70% win rate with Lucio, and he's your most played character. Just keep doing what you're doing and your SR will rise.

But yeah, you'll enjoy the game more if you make friends and play regularly.

My group picked up a great Lucio today. Had a nice win streak. It's amazing what one good player can do once that get with a good team.

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