Morph Heroes to make them OP

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Bastion + Junkrat
Bastion shoots out bombs while in turret form. Same damage as Junkrat's.

Mercy + Zenyatta
After Mercy rez's she goes into tranquility, healing all allys just like Zen does.
Roadhog and Genji

Genji's mobility, reflect and hitbox with Roadhog's hook and gun but instead of scrap it shoots out throwing stars
Phara + Bastion

In addition to rockets Phara now has a hitscan turret, armour and a self heal
Roadhog and Sombra

Sombra's Size, Roadhog's health and hook, sombrero's stealth
Tracer + Junkrat

Junkrat now blinks around, impossible to hit while his primary fire fires Pulse Bombs.
03/14/2017 09:25 AMPosted by PoohTJ
Bastion + Junkrat
Bastion shoots out bombs while in turret form. Same damage as Junkrat's.

A gatling grenade launcher sounds pretty sweet.

Reinhardt + Lucio : Reinhardt can wall skate. That is all.
03/14/2017 09:31 AMPosted by Echo
Reinhardt + Lucio : Reinhardt can wall skate. That is all.

God help us
Genji + Orisa
Fortify to deny any hooks or grabby effects, Halt to set up for his Dragonblade. Genji with 200 health and 200 armor, that shoots shurikens like a machine gun.
Mei and Zarya

Left click now has the range of Zarya's beam.

Ultimate pulls all the enemies to one place AND freezes them all.
Pharah + Mer....

Oh wait.
Reinhardt + Roadhog.
Self heal, shield + hook for close range smashing.
Bastion Pharah. 50 rockets per second in turret for with a jetpack.
Pharah + Mei

Fires long range snowballs that freeze people on impact, alt fire shoots icicles, has 250 health, can self heal via cryo-freeze, and can fly.
Tracer + Reaper

Two shot shotguns at an uncomfortably fast and close range.

Zarya + Bastio--

Bastion + Soldier 76
Bastion gains headshots and no spread in Sentry during Tactical Visor.

Ana + Mercy
Biotic Grenade now revives allies hit.

D.Va + Torbjorn
D.Va now has Molten Core and can call down armor kits.

Bastion + Torbjorn
Can now call down armor kits and use Molten Core.

Zenyatta + Ana
Tranquility auto applies Heal Amp on allies and heal negate on enemies.

Hanzo + Zarya
Dragons now pulls in enemies as it passes by.

Widowmaker + Soldier 76
Infrared Visor now gives autoaim

Torbjorn + Symmetra
Can now build and upgrade shield generators, teleporters, and create projected barriers.

Reaper + D.Va
Death Blossom now stops all projectiles in a 15m radius. Wraith form allows Z axis movement. Instead of death reaper goes into wraith form and restores 150 health, cannot activate more then once every 30 seconds.

Doomfist + SoundQuake
Error. Unfathomable Power detected.
Zen + Pharah : Zenyatta can now fly ( in his default floating position, a rocket booster coming out from the back of his pants ) and his balls are now replaced with rockets, allowing him to fire rockets instead at his normal firing speed.
soldier 76 + mccree

his pulse rifle fires peacekeeper shots and his right click rapidly fires 6 helix rockets
They just look really pretty.
Sombra + Reaper

Just like regular Sombra except with guns that don't suck.
Rein with D.Va's boosters for extra mobility (and accurate charge/pinning potential) and combining the benefits of his barrier and her matrix would eliminate the negatives to both (invincible barrier with unlimited up-time that can block anything short of a melee attack) and be the most OP thing in the game.

Also, just imagine the ult potential as the 7'+ German majestically catapults out of his power armor as he sends it off!

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