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1.- Asking for healing (from mercy) and she just flies away (specially when playign tank).
2.- In qp, asking for a decent comp and getting "it's qp, who cares?" (i do care)
3.- Someone sucking at X hero and not changing (specially in comp)
4.- Having 3 hitscans and none can shoot pharah dead....
When people complain that you don't have X to counter Y hero but the person complaining REFUSES to switch to something that can do exactly that because "This is my [insert hero here] only account"
03/14/2017 09:55 AMPosted by Bloodbath
"Can we go right so we avoid all the Sym turrets at the choke point?"

Half your team goes right, the other half stands there poking at the choke point.

-gets fried from turrets-

"Wow, ouch okay guys try not to go through that arch over there. Turrets."

-a Roadhog then derp a derps on over and is too fat/slow as they turn around while they're getting zapped. Looking up as they're getting zapped. Not shooting as they're getting zapped. Dead as they're getting zapped-

I hate how useless voice chat can be in QP sometimes
Yesterday I joined in the middle of an ongoing game. I realized the team I joined didn't have a healer (presumably their healer is the one who dropped out?)

I decided to help out my new team by selecting Mercy. Upon getting to the point for the first time, a whopping 20 seconds since I had been added to the game, a Solider was yelling at me for not doing my damn job. Like, I literally wasn't in the game half a minute ago and you are literally the first person (from either team) that I've seen, so calm the hell down!

This guy was such an !@#$%^- throughout the rest of the game, criticizing me every time I left his side to heal someone else, and it tilted me so much (this was my first game of the day) that i did terribly in my next several games and had to quit the game entirely until my mood recovered.
Pharmercy is unkillable.

I cannot play Torb anymore or any heroes I enjoy, because Phara is so powerful, and I essentially make it a 5v6 if I don't change.

I feel useless playing comp now since i've dedicated almost all my playtime with projectile heroes since I suck at hitscans, and Phara stomps me into the defeat screen if the enemy has one.

Phara in general.

Yes I am 100% salted right now. Thanks for the vent.
Defending a point alone with rein getting 5 gold stars with noone helping me once and watching mercy heal dps over the tank asking why they arent in bronze.
When I get supports that do nothing but heal tanks.
- Getting chastised for being an aggressive Rein when DPS isn't cutting it

- Hearing someone spam "Need healing" when they're across the map

- Someone complaining about me playing Junk on any given attack map (I do just fine and am always willing to switch if needed)

- Seeing the first three picks as Hanzo/Genji/Widow (I know there are people who are great at them, but it seems to be a bad omen more often than not)

- Open mics with screaming children or techno music in the background
Please no, we don't need widow maker, hanzo, sombra, and genju all on the same team. They're useful by themselves, but when we're trying to push the payload can we please get some shield busters!
when somebody takes mercy from me and doesnt give a damn about positioning
03/14/2017 10:30 AMPosted by rapiemur
When I get supports that do nothing but heal tanks.

To be fair. Pretty much anyone that isn't a tank often sprints off to god knows where or they're just out of your supports range or they're up above them unable to be healed on a ledge or something

That or when you're healing them they still run off to a health pack. Taking it so now great. The support doesn't have an emergency way to heal boom dead.
A genji refusing to switch in comp after multiple teammates asking for it because the enemy's team has a Winston, Zarya and Symmetra. Like, how thick headed must you be not to realise they have your hard counter. The amount of times he died was insane. He even had the nerve to blame us for the loss.

I don't have anything against genji mains.
But this guy... He just... No.

This is my biggest frustration in the game. Mains who doesn't want to switch.
Game last night on Hanamura. Enemy Soldier started ulting and zones me off, so I, a Mercy with Res, immediately make myself scarce and hide away from my team. Enemy Rein turns around, corners me, and immediately solo ults me, knocking me down and killing me. My team's reaction? "WTF Mercy, you are actually useless, go Ana instead." But I suck at Ana, if you want one tell the Lucio to go Ana and I'll do that. "Need to learn how to play more than one hero man, jeez." Ana is one of the few I don't feel comfortable playing (for good reason), and is literally the only support that I don't pick, but ok, sure, I just suck.

That or when we have 4 people on the point on overtime and all of them run off to hunt down the same single kill and cost us the match.
The "need healing" button, and people who !@#$% about needing healing constantly... I main Mercy, and between the various modes have around 100hrs with her. I am very good with her. But people who don't pay attention and spam that stupid button piss me off. Very rarely is the reason you aren't receiving heals because I didn't notice you, of course it can happen but 99 times out of 100 there is a different reason:

1- I am dying, dead or just re-spawning. In comp I will call out when I am down (especially if both healers are down) as well as letting them know when I am back with them. This way everyone can theoretically play defensively until they have support again. But people often don't pay attention and yell about the lack of healing while ignoring the flankers who are making life miserable for everyone.

2- I can't get to you or you are dangerously out of position. If I don't have LoS there is nothing I can do. If you have done a solo suicide charge I probably won't follow. If the entire enemy team is between us then there had better be a damn good reason for me to risk death to try and save you.

3- Someone else has healing priority. My primary goal is to keep my tanks and ulting allies alive, so in a pinch I will prioritize that way. HOWEVER, just because you are a tank does not mean you get 100% of my attention. If I get my Rein back to 50% health but notice my Soldier and Zen are low I may disengage from Rein to heal them before returning to top him off. I will frequently bounce my beam between 3 or so allies who are close together, don't freak out just because I stopped before you reached 100% health. I will always return to keeping everyone topped off as soon as possible but too often I see healers make the mistake of thinking that any healing target NEEDS to be full health before directing their attention elsewhere. Her healing is strong enough to sustain multiple people and having three heroes at the front line with 50-75% health is better than having one at 100%, one dead and one having retreated with their remaining 10%. And yes, sometimes I will intentionally let you die and use my ult, but it is not so that I can get PotG with a res! If a couple people are already down and 1-2 others are low health and taking fire in the same vicinity then I may hide and wait for one or both to die (depending on the scenario and spawn timers) before going in to res. If I can get 3-4 allies with a res then they are all at 100% at the same time, with the same invulnerability window. Even if I die, they are at least all full health and may be able to hold out until I am back. If I run in early to res 2 and hope to keep the others alive then I risk dying and will likely only be able to prevent one of the two from dying immediately, then when I am inevitably killed or forced to retreat the other will die before the invulnerability/immobility wears off of the newly resurrected guys, which in turn leads to them dying again. This scenario isn't always the case, often it is better to get in there, res two and heal the others, but sometimes things go south and the only way to salvage it is wiping the whole slate clean.

4- You are actually being healed but are just too stupid to realize it... This happens way more often than you'd think. My beam is strong, but if the other team has 3 people focusing down a hog then he can go from 100-0 real quick even if I am healing the whole time.

TL;DR don't mindlessly harass your healers, sometimes we do in fact know what we are doing...
I hate people being dicks about comping a quick play team seriously. I'll play any hero in the game so I always choose last..but when our team has no tanks and no healers, I shouldn't be treated like I'm the !%@@#%#* for asking someone to take one so I can take the other.
Tracers who don't flank, don't focus on killing the healer, just zips around on the frontline, pretending to be a Soldier 76.
Literally tilted the moment I see Pharmercy on other team.
My biggest frustration currently is that Blizzard chooses NOT to balance Ana properly. That character can put out 4 death sentences in 24 seconds (grenade + sleeping dart), while roadhog can apply his hook only 3 times. And the worst is, that if one attack against a flanker misses, there is always the second try in the pocket. Very OP, very unbalanced.
1- Mei's who ice wall their own team inside the start point. This is minor, but it's a spectacularly #*%@@#%@ move.

2 - People who don't get on the payload/control point when you don't own it. I've been in so many games where we did not have the control point and the entire team is attacking from a distance rather than just plant a toe over the line to trigger Overtime. For the LOVE OF GOD....the Point is the point. Get on the Point.

3. Kids who just talk and talk and talk and talk and talk and talk and talk and talk and talk and talk and talk and talk and talk into the mic without saying anything useful. Just "Hey I have a mic, so I have to continually broadcast!"

Shut up. Be useful or mute your mic. Same goes for people who are playing amidst utter chaos in their house. Mute your mic.

4. When we are outclassed and die one by one, and then people run back into the meat by one. When you respawn, if you see 3 skull icons in the distance, just wait a few seconds so you can all go back in together.
7 Points from masters

get double throwers on my team......fak

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