DV.A mains, if you could buff damage or armor?

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If you were at blizzard and had the opportunity to give DV.A a little buff would it be to her damage or her armor?

Armor - this seems to be what people want, and 300/300 has been suggested a lot. All I know is when I'm playing as Mercy, keeping DV.a healthy, especially when she decides to boost away from me is difficult. And no, I'm not going to chase her when she boosts.

Damage - Her damage outside of point blank range is pathetic. Her pellets have a low base damage and the spread only makes them worse. Even at close but not that close range she seems weak.

Personally I'd boost her damage a little before I touched her Health. I'd be more happy playing a mobile DV.A with decent damage who can flank and harass more than a meat shield. Her DM is good enough for tanking a lot of the time, so I think a small damage buff would help her more than a small armor/health buff.
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i could play D.va before, with her 500 health (400 armor)and struggle now w/ 600 (200 armor) so i think that is defs what she needs back and it was a mistake to remove to begin with!
I'd give her armor in zero suit mode. >_>
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Everyone knows armor, the question is how long will it take for Blizzard to admit what the rest of us have already known for a while.
Armor, I can deal with the damage as it is but I would like to protect my team properly first and foremost.
Armor with out a doubt!
I thought the reason D.va mains were upset is because she can no longer sustain the damage to be a good dive tank.

Why are we talking about damage?
I'm in the minority, as I'd prefer more damage or range. In the end you're working towards the same goal, which is to kill the opponent before they kill you. I think upping the damage is a less oppressive way to buff D.Va.
Damage. I can handle getting melted, pretty much how it was when she launched. But her weapons now are an absolute joke.
To be honest, armor, but at the same time, despite her being terrible, I'm actually still really really good on current D.VA. So if I got damaged back...RIP people.

She's made of paper mache right now.

She's supposed to be a tank not a dps.
D.Va doesn't need a buff
armor prob.

she's not played for damage her guns have always sucked.
I would go for damage over armor at the moment. I still think there needs to be something done with her armor, but I feel downright punished for trying to get headshots anymore. She's squishier, which is annoying, but I feel like you can work around that more than an absolute lack of damage output.
Armor, no question. I can adapt to the damage, but there's no adjusting to the current armor state without dramatically altering how she plays and what her role is.
armor, Dva is a tank, even if she is a dive tank she is suposed to protect people and absorb damage, not to be a DPS.
Armor, she's a joke right now that can be 1v1ed rolled over by just about everyone.
Removing armor added like 15 counters, so armor.

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