D.Va and her 2 Ultimates

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She has Self Destruct and Call Mech, but when you die, you only ever see the progress of Call Mech. Is it possible for her to have 2 progress bars so you and your team know how far you are from a Self Destruct?
I have complained about this for ages. Frankly, when you are dead there is absolutely zero reason for the call mech meter to show because either you respawn in mech or you are resurrected which means your call mech meter is full regardless of where it was (frankly she should be resurrected IN mech rather than having to call it again but that is a different subject...). Either way call mech should never be displayed while waiting to spawn, it is a silly oversight but can be problematic when trying to coordinate ults with your team.
For a while I wondered why DVa players were calling out that their "Call Mech" ultimates were ready, and then I realized it was because they were respawning and probably confused it for a self-destruct ult

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