Orisa is too squishy

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Considering she's effectively got more health than Zarya, I wouldn't be complaining about it. 400 health, especially with a chunk being armor, is more than enough to work with.
Last night I was one-shot by a scatter arrow, can confirm it's possible. I was walking out of spawn to regroup with my team at full life and went down to one hit from one and was like WTF.
She is pretty squishy, I wouldn't mind a buff but it's not like I'll play her much. All I'd like to see is a critical box reduction or a PTR test with 300 hp 200 armor. I'd even go as far to say replace her Fortify with a movement ability, but she just came out so we'll wait and see.

EDIT: She's so squishy because she doesn't have a movement ability and her hitbox (and critbox) are so dang big.
Another failed and stupid champ, just like Sombra.
If u press 'e' button she will drop sheild!! Pls upvote and say thank you for awesome tip :) thanks!!!1

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