D.Va's Current State: Discussion Megathread Part 12

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Like if you agree.
the new lucio change will make him hardcounter dva me thinks
03/23/2017 07:39 PMPosted by AceWolf15
03/23/2017 07:12 PMPosted by Nerd

You are a new level of toxic. Not even Bob measures up to your standards and I report every single post you make here that is garbage much like the word choices you use.

I hope the rest of the D.Va supporters do the same so we can take out the toxic poisons like you from the OW forums.

dude u support 12 d.va megathreads which basically says the same thing over and over again. I think your more toxic then him

At least he doesn't try and attack people who don't agree. He tries to convince people, unlike some people do in these threads.
Well you cannnot expect to have too much damage with her guns since they're like shotguns combined with a heavy machine gun, they had to deal dmg at close ranges.
Its Time To Stop!!
Be casted back to the fire for once you came as I banish you!

No more DVa threads since then.
D.va buff advocate here to continue the support of this thread. Thanks Slade for your continued mega threads for D.va
03/23/2017 09:40 PMPosted by Bastion
Be casted back to the fire for once you came as I banish you!

No more DVa threads since then.

Sorry, you misspelled "cast", and it's "into" and "from whence", not "to" or "for once".

Black magic don't work unless you get the spell right. ;)
I still support this cause, regardless of how much people hate issues being brought up and not being forgotten. She's just so damn squishy and weak. Even in 3v3 she's almost a joke. Almost. Still pretty bad.
03/23/2017 07:20 PMPosted by Ceratisa
03/23/2017 06:41 PMPosted by CrazyMage
option 1 seems like a good idea not so sure about the other 2 though
i too like option 1 I'd of been happy with that in the first place
I like option 1 the best as well. I only just realized I never actually commented on which changes I'd prefer, haha.
At this point i am starting to memorize everyones names do to how common i come here everyday, it's like we are part of this sitcom and so far i am enjoying it. "The fresh prince of Nerf-This" starting Slade.

Jokes aside, i hope we get a response sooner or later, or better yet, actually see PTR changes to D.va that are favorable.

I just hope they do the right changes and not "you can walk 90% more faster while shooting with D.va" when nobody asked for it.
its like we are taking to a brick wall
Option 1 seems great, I really hope Blizzard doesn't buff her with something nobody asked for, though.

"U guys thought D.Va was too squishy. So we gave her a passive that lets her use her defense matrix as a net to catch butterflies. kthxbye"
As a mercy main, I can say healing D.Va as tank is a joke now. DM doesn't help much.
03/23/2017 08:47 PMPosted by DexterousGek
03/23/2017 08:40 PMPosted by Kuzie
Regardless of any changes made to D.Va's Health/Armor I really want tighter spread. Last night, a friend joined and was spectating me while I was fighting a Sombra at about 5-7 meters away, and his response was "Holy crap you aren't even doing damage."

this is 5 - 7 meters


if you weren't killing anyone at that range, it's YOUR fault. I'm fine with people saying D.Va might need some help, but using hyperbole to this level is silly.

If you take smaller hitboxes and ADAD spam into account, it makes sense.

03/23/2017 07:08 PMPosted by Nene
I only discovered the megathreads earlier today, which is why I haven't done this previously.

This is a video I recorded and edited today, about the current state of things on live. It's edited from a competitive match played on the American realm. This is what the changes to D.Va have done. I can be doing good work, I can be effective, and I can play a key role in moving the payload through a choke, yet there are people insisting that I change to Reinhardt instead of the other tank player, or someone else. If you notice, there's even a Sombra on our team, who also plays a key role. As I'm sure you're aware, Sombra has an undeserved bad reputation, but when having a Sombra is considered to be better than having a D.Va, that tells me that the general population views Sombra as useless, and D.Va as worse than useless. Even at her best, D.Va is seen as a liability.

Oh god.
in your video, there's a person called Polaris who says
"idk why people in this elo still think dva is a viable pick"
Same rank, same level, same avatar.
He's the same Polaris who posted this 4 hours ago
learn to play her without the OP 400 Armor / 200 HP? She's still viable and I still see plenty of people using her, and using her well.

Maybe you haven't received a response because there's nothing to be said? Just a thought.

I'm ready for the angry waifu-bandwagoners to dislike this. Please do, I love it.

You can't handle the truth


Oh boy, amazing.
You do realize tons of people on the forums have muted you at this point right ?
your name made overwatch central slade
Wow it's 12 already? Keep it up you guys. They can't abandon us forever.

And many thanks for Slade's dedication to keep making D.va's megathread. Cheers!
I gotta be honest. The more I play D.Va the more I see her as fine.
Granted, I play her mostly as a supplement tank. I stick with Rein and support him until we push, then I TRY to take out key targets.

Key word here is try, because of the spread taking out any small target is next to impossible.

Following a Mercy around the 2nd point of Volskaya for example not actually being able to finish her off because she can easily guardian angel away before you do enough damage to really be a threat.

Her spread needs to be tightened a little, I think at that point shes in a good spot.

If they still agree that diving should be D.Va's thing, she does need more armor/HP/Something. But playing her as a Support/Punish tank shes still pretty good.

Im still enjoying playing her. I just wish that they would stop adding counters to Self Destruct honestly. When it gets to the point that you have to wait for Rein's shield to go down AND keep an eye on Orisa/Winston/Mei/Symettra cooldowns before you can ult, even then youre lucky if you get one kill.

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