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This issue bothers me for like half months. After the big vioce problem night (which the web of Bliz also unaviable), my voice chat down. It's none like any other voice problem I saw here. I seriously entered the group chat and can saw the green speaker up left from my teammates. However, I can't heard anything of their talking (The background music is working tho). And my inside-laptop speaker didn't work for Overwatch (which works for anything else like steam,youtube...). The battle.net launcher Mic test doesn't work also. Thus I guess all Bliz game Mic leave me alone. I tried everything you suggests and even go to my college IT service and failed. I'm using a new Alienware R3 with strong hardware support. I want to know which part might cause the problem like this, bc unable to talk & hear is destorying the FPS gaming experience.

Same problem here
Hi there! Have you tried using a different mic/headset combo in your tests as well? Perhaps it's the Alienware
Any fixes on this? I am having the same problem as described i op..
Hello P4radoxz, check out these simple troubleshooting steps for Voice Chat Issues:

my problem has occurred since November 2016, 9 months ago. when i start up overwatch and get into a game i see that i am in the voice channel. However when i play a 2 cp or assault or assault/escort, etc. at the end of the round it will drop me from the channel, except i can clearly see the circle filled in the headset. it just wont connect me. i can't hear anyone or say anything. so after every game i restart my game in order to reset it, but it keeps happening. it is getting annoying having to restart overwatch after every single game. i have tried everything and even talked to blizzard helpline, they were no help to solving my problem. this has been going on for too long and i'm sick of it. it gets annoying when i cant communicate to my team and then if we lose they blame it on me. someone help me to get this fixed.

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