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So I changed my original thread title (Option to disable Aim Smoothing for Console Players!) to this in order to gain some attention.

Thanks to Blizzard, a new control option called "Linear Ramp" is finally there for console players, but currently this is not too useful. It definitely needs to be adressed to work properly!

Video Displaying Problem:

For more detailed info on this topic please see this post. I don't want to copy it 1:1:

Old post:

In the name of Pachimari! WE DID IT! THANKS TO ALL OF YOU WHO HELPED TO KEEP THIS TOPIC RELEVANT!!! I really can't thank you guys enough! You helped to realize what will be a whole new Overwatch experience in my opinion!

04/11/2017 03:49 PMPosted by Tim Ford
Hey guys,

We hear you loud and clear. We're going to add two options in an upcoming patch. First, we'll add a slider for aim smoothing. It will default to the current smoothing/acceleration in the game today (full smoothing, low acceleration). As you drag it towards zero, you'll get less smoothing (higher acceleration). At zero, smoothing is disabled (instant acceleration).

We're also adding a new aim technique to compliment Dual Zone and Exponential Ramp. The new technique is called Linear Ramp. If you use this technique along with disabled aim smoothing, you will rotate commensurate to the angle you deflect the aim stick multiplied by your sensitivity.

Also, a big Thank You to Pachimari!

The first two topics reached the 500 posts limit, so this is the third attempt to get an answer from the devs.

Thanks for all the support so far guys! Keep it up! In the name of all console players and in the name of Pachimari! We can do this!

Link to first topic:
Link to second topic:

I've added other players' quotes at the end of this post.

Also, PC gamepad users are now asking for the same thing.


Most first person shooters today let players turn off so called "Aim Smoothing" for a reason.
anyone could explain what is aim smoothing precisely?

Yes, it basically means that the game doesn't allow a linear joystick-angle-to-turn-speed translation. Instead, it only allows for gradual acceleration of turn speed.

For example, if you JAM the right stick all the way to one side instantly, you might expect to be turning at max turn speed instantly, but no, instead it starts off slower and then after a half second reaches that max turn speed.

I believe that this is helpful for people who are less skilled at aiming and it prevents jitter. However, it interferes with people who can exert precise control of their thumbs and thus the stick. Some people even use joystick extenders, which is further hindered by aim smoothing.

All blizzard would have to do is make this a toggle for smoothing so that the more skilled players can get the level of precision seen in other games such as Titanfall.

On a side note, the other thing that's superior about Titanfall is the much lower input lag. I would love to see an option to disable v-sync (a la Rocket League), to help with input lag.

Blizzard, please let us know if you're even considering any of this! I am a very committed console player, and I think these are important issues.

Aim Smoothing refers to the same mechanic as Aim Acceleration. The new Doom game calls it "Camera Smoothing". Resident Evil 7 calls it "Camera Acceleration".

Whatever you call it: Overwatch's heavy use of this mechanic makes precise aiming impossible. And no, the new "Dual Zone" control option or even Aim Assist features do not help when it comes to Aim Smoothing.

Go play a match of Activision's popular annual first person shooter using a sniper rifle. After that, play Widowmaker in PS4 Overwatch. You will notice the difference immediately. I just fail to understand how the developers were not able to notice a major flaw like this. This is a real night and day difference and should have been fixed since launch week.

I even go so far and say, the console-exclusive nerf to Torbjörn and Symmetra would not have been necessary if players had been able to properly aim in the first place.

Please give us the option to remove Aim Smoothing. Please!

Collection of other players' takes on this problem:
02/10/2017 06:10 AMPosted by SuperFajita
Devs, PLEASE take a note out of Titanfall's or BF1's aim settings and customization. It's painful to go back to Overwatch after playing a few matches of those
03/06/2017 02:54 AMPosted by TrooperHR
I can't stand to play Overwatch for more than a few hours at a time, I even skipped entire season 2 because I belived their "improvement" will be worth something (when Dual Zone arrived it so clearly was not an improvement).

Even so I got to about 150h because the game is so good on every other front; low ping servers, reliable hit detection and most of all I belived all the practice I am getting will be worth something when Blizzard finally provides more AIM TECHNIQUE and DEADZONE options.

Surely a company this respectable that's taking all the "game of the year" awards would not be so negligent, any day now they will fix the aiming. Right? Wrong! Here we are a year later and this "game of the year" has the worst aiming seen on console since Playstation2.
03/08/2017 03:16 PMPosted by Roks
It's funny how 50% of this thread is bumps because there isn't any controversy to spark more responses, it's just a accepted thing that needs to be fixed
02/08/2017 07:36 AMPosted by SuperFajita
Yes I COMPLETELY agree. The aim smoothing/acceleration is so bad when I switch back over to Overwatch after playing Battlefield or Titanfall (Titanfall ESPECIALLY, have you SEEN the advanced controller options in that game?)
02/03/2017 08:33 AMPosted by KevinBacon
Agreed. Just look at games like Halo for how aiming should be done (since most of it is hipfire). Titanfall 2 has amazing controls too.
02/07/2017 07:39 AMPosted by VclScore
I KNEW there was something wrong with the game artificially increasing Widomaker's aiming requirements. I haven't touched a COD game in like 4 years, but I'm so curious right now of how proper aiming is supposed to feel that I'm thinking of purchasing a COD title on sale just to see what it feels like.
02/06/2017 06:41 AMPosted by Valkrona
YES. Coming from a Widowmaker player, this needs to be allowed.

@Blizzard @Jeff, please incorporate this.
03/09/2017 01:59 PMPosted by MercyKiller
Hey, in the main post, can you add something stating that PC Controller Users are requesting the same thing. It would really suck if this patch goes through with PC being left out. :(
02/08/2017 06:37 PMPosted by RazgrizDemon
This is honestly why I don't really play much Overwatch anymore. The aiming feels terrible. I didn't really notice it at launch but since then, I've played Titanfall 2 and recently, Rainbow Six Siege and have became great at those games. Now I can barely stomach more than 2 or 3 matches of Overwatch before I get sick of not being able to hit enemies reliably.

I can track a fast moving target halfway across the map in Titanfall, I shouldn't have trouble hitting a double jump spamming genji at mid range, but I do, because the aiming in Overwatch sucks.
02/09/2017 02:18 AMPosted by Error
Ah so that's what's feeling odd about this game! I play Doom and I kick !@# while in Overwatch I have a hard time playing the fast pased characters because of it.
02/09/2017 04:10 AMPosted by GerLowX
OMG finally i get what it is. FREAK ME!!! NOw i understand why i feel weird while playing tracer,76 or mecree. Every time i have feeling that they don turn the right we i want them too. I sweaar for each character i have a different setting because the lock on aim and camera movement is so off.
02/11/2017 03:26 AMPosted by Klask
True, I notice this as well since I majored in Destiny for a very long time, which has very good mechanics. If you only play Overwatch on console then you wont notice it, but if you play other games, you will.
02/11/2017 05:08 AMPosted by rapiemur
I so wish they would do this. It would make playing as McCree so much easier.

Aiming in this game always was garbage. When I played Battlefront I used to just run around in 3rd person view with an EE-3 and Cycler Rifle and hip fire the things. Could kill tons of people at huge ranges without even having to ADS.

Can't do that in here though... In here, everything is all jumpy when you make lateral movements.
02/12/2017 07:37 AMPosted by Cybereu
Exponential ramp it's not even exponential, it's more like cubic, could devs explain me that ?
02/12/2017 08:04 AMPosted by DoctorAngus
How is this not getting more traction? Come on console community, this game really should have more options for aiming.
02/12/2017 03:29 PMPosted by VRSpecIINur
This is the buff Widowmaker/Ana/Mccrees needs.

Do it for Overwatch. Do it for Talon. Do it for Pachimaru.
02/12/2017 04:23 PMPosted by GerLowX
bump it. This the most likely issue as to why I avoid Mecree.
02/13/2017 08:11 AMPosted by ArmaTEDdon
Thank you for this thread. I too would like to have an off option for aim smoothing.
02/13/2017 10:47 AMPosted by DoctorAngus
I considered myself to be pretty good at Halo even on console, but when I play Overwatch using precision characters like Mccree or Widowmaker, I feel so inconsistent. It would really help if we could have some more options for aiming so I can decide whether or not it really is the controls or I am just washed up. thanks.

edit: btw I have over 150 hours on widowmaker and I still don't feel consistent enough to bring her in comp as my main.
02/14/2017 07:14 AMPosted by SadCrocodyle
As a McCree main who is basically stuck at 57% average accuracy, I just suffer whilst trying to git gud while the game, mechanically doesn't let me.
02/16/2017 07:38 AMPosted by AlbinoTadpol
Even maining as Zarya, I'm constantly having to change the sensitivity and aim assist because I just cannot get over that awkward acceleration; Exponential nor Dual zone, I can't find the happy medium for aiming! :/

It really bothers me that I fight the enemies while fighting over the overadjustment aiming because of the bipolar acceleration.
02/14/2017 09:33 AMPosted by liter
Bump! Never realised how much this affected me until I played some Black Ops 3 again.
02/14/2017 01:59 PMPosted by Loveline
Stick Acceleration (Or Aim Acceleration if you'd like to call it that) needs an Off option or extensive options. (The former is most likely easier to implement from a development standpoint, the latter is universally better for players
02/15/2017 05:24 AMPosted by TrooperHR

* Overwatch doesn't have an "Aim Technique" that is close to linear acceleration without too much smoothing.

* It has a large deadzone that we should be able to shrink in advanced options.

* Turn speed is lower than CoD (but not as horribly low as in Destiny).

* Input lag is higher than in CoD - this is just one of many comparisons made with high speed camera:
02/16/2017 04:54 PMPosted by SadCrocodyle
It has beenover 8 months + beta and extensive (At least I think they were thorough) internal testing and yet we cannot do the most basic things that has been a thing for years now (Say hi to Dice and 150 ways to tweak the look of your UI in Battlefield).

I've been playing first person shooters on consoles since the day bought my PS3, I've been playing good ones, mediocre and bad ones but none stand even close to how rough the aiming feels in a game created by a branch of Activision, not some indie studio.

Don't know about the other people in this thread but I refuse to switch to non-hitscan in a damn FPS game, just because the game itself restricts me from fully mastering them. And that creates enough obstacles for me to just switch to the other titles if the situation won't change, like Rainbow six siege, an amazing shooter and the damn game DOES NOT EVEN HAVE AIM ASSIST IN MULTIPLAYER and it handles near-perfectly (Of course both games can be hardly compared, but that is not the point).
This is one of the main reasons I haven't played in months, screws muscle-memory in other FPS because it just feels a whole lot different. With all the new characters I sure would like to go back in the game, except I don't really feel like it because I know Smoothing is still there and you can't turn it off...

It boggles the mind how some people don't seem to notice it.
Test the DOOM demo for free if you don't know the difference between playing with and without Smoothing. You can adjust it in the control options.
By default it comes with Overwatch-style aim- erm, I mean by default it comes with Look Smoothing set to something like 10-20% I believe. Just set the slider all the way to 0%.
Here it is. Part 3. I wonder how many parts will you make until Blizzard finally respond.
Haven't actually had the pleasure of playing OW anymore.
May the bumps continue T_T
It's really sad that we have a part 3 but let the bumps and discussion continue.
Wow, part 3. Let's go.
If you guys find any other posts relating to this issue, it might be worth posting them here and Ill bump every single one of them.
I know mate, when you do meet someone who can aim on console, they seem like gods. If only I could aim...

Edit: Rip me and my dislikes I guess
Thanks guys :)
I support this topic. Truly no other change could improve my OW console experience more.
Yeah I find this fix to be more important than trying to balance heroes at the moment. Fix the aim, then nerf/buff characters.
To reiterate as I did in the last thread, OP text is incorrect; smoothing is not the same as acceleration. They are two very different things. Acceleration changes the speed at which your look/turn increases, while smoothing averages out your inputs to reduce stutter.
However, both of them are far too strong in console Overwatch, and both of them either need to be drastically reduced or be made customisation via options menus.
03/27/2017 05:32 PMPosted by MuskyChoice
Yeah I find this fix to be more important than trying to balance heroes at the moment. Fix the aim, then nerf/buff characters.

Yea, I noted this and slightly changed the text already to not equal both mechanics anymore. Thanks!
Isn't just reduce to 0 the aim assist and increase the sensibility?
(Idk nothing about this, but this is what i've thinked...)
03/27/2017 06:27 PMPosted by Pereira1423
Isn't just reduce to 0 the aim assist and increase the sensibility?
(Idk nothing about this, but this is what i've thinked...)

If you read the post at all, you would have seen that the issue is not with aim assist or sensitivity, but with aim acceleration. The post explains what the issue is
How has no one responded to this? They respond to stupid things like character interactions or people asking for more sitting emotes, but when it comes to making the game better, especially on console, dead silence.
This is becoming as annoying as megathreads... and I'm a console player.

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