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Hanzo or Widow (I don't care which). I'm fine with Overwatch having one dedicated sniper - in the right hands and under the right circumstances they can be a highly effective; but do we really need two? Every time I go into a match and see that we have a Hanzo and a Widowmaker on the team, I die a little inside.
Genji, that bunnyhop spamming 1-hot KO, dash 50 meters 20 times over bull!@#$ %^-* needs to go
Widow (and, to a lesser extent, Hanzo). Snipers have no real necessary niche in Overwatch and are not fun to fight against in any circumstance.

Why does a support hero offer almost no support while also being ridiculously powerful and difficult to fight WHY

Or at least his scatter.

No, I will not stop about how stupid his ability is, it should be replaced with a Slow or reworked as it's ability intends. Not instakilling, but scattering to kill any low health targets that hid in a room.
If you delete D.va you don't have to listen to salty D.va mains whine.
No character should be erased but a team vote off a character wpuld fix 99%problems in overwatch.
Lots of Hog hate. I'd definitely cut Widowmaker out of the cast on the condition we don't get any other dedicated hitscan snipers.

I don't normally mind them in other games, but in those cases the other weapons are generally not much less deadly at a range so a sniper really has to make the most out of ambush and landing their first shot or they risk getting gibbed by a bog standard AR or Noobtube.

In this game the vast majority of the cast either has short range hitscan weapons or projectiles. This means even if you see a sniper up in their perch there ain't a lot you can do about it but try and flank around while she's taking pot shots.

That and like others mentioned it seems to be rather poor design to have a hero that's completely garbage in the hands of 90% of the player base. This is doubly so if you're playing on the console.

IMO any snipers we get should be based off more unique mechanics than what we typically see with snipers in generic COD/Halo style FPS games.
Symetra !@#$ her and anyone who plays her.
Pharah ;-;
That's easy Genji. May he die in the most horrific ways possible.
When your favorite hero is one of the most hated ;-;

Probs zen. Not because I hate him, I just never use him so it doesn't make a difference to me. Also I'm CONSTANTLY getting legendary skins of him in lootboxes and I go through a surprising amount of indecision with that
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If you delete D.va you don't have to listen to salty D.va mains whine.

Wouldn't the opposite occur?
Widowmaker or Hanzo. To me they're just taking the place of a Lucio or an Ana. There are amazing Widow and Hanzo players out there. I would feel bad if they got deleted. So I guess don't delete them. But if I had to choose. It'd be those two.
DVa just so I can watch her mains lose their minds
most likely junkrat, junkrat mains are such a pain to deal with. They refuse to switch, and always use junkrat, even if they die 10 times in a row to Zarya, pharah, soldier, snipers, I just hate junkrat players
symmetra. Give another character the teleporter and sheild generator, but her entirety is just so unfun to play against. Characters in first person shooters which don't require aim should be like winston with low damage, or not be in the game.

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