Hanzo shots not registering

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I already posted problems I have with Hanzo on the general discussion but this seems to be a pretty big bug and no one is giving any attention to it. I shoot people with Hanzo and some shots do no damage even though the sound and animation go off.

Here is an example of it happening to Seagull.

Example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CzCBou-DMuA&t=730s

9:00 - This one is against a Lucio and is pretty quick.

11:05 - This one is against a Genji and you can clearly hear the shot hitting Genji.

Hanzo already has so many problems (people cringe when someone on their team picks a Hanzo but people against Hanzo complain that he requires no aim and is an unskilled champion). He overall just receives so much hate and I think easy fixes like lower cooldowns or just his ultimate killing turrets for christs sake would make him more viable.

Edit: https://youtu.be/Gmj4Xi46u2g

I just uploaded this video of it happening in one of my POTG. It is happening a lot but I can only record my highlights. It is the first shot I take on Mercy. I am going to make a Reddit account for this and hopefully that helps.
Yes this has been happening for awhile now.

Can we get a word on this?
Yeah this has been happening for so long. Please fix this
I as a Hanzo main would like a voice about it from the dev team its really anyyoing hearing the shot hit but not hearing people dying and crying for mercy (not the hero)
Been noticing this more lately. Also, the instances where you draw back to shoot and the projectile dive bombs right at your feet.
bumping this because it happened to me about 8 times in a QP just today.
Hey! It is now currently November and this problem is a consistent reoccurring thing on console. PS4 specifically, I’m not too sure what the Xbox scene is like but it’s extremely frustrating knowing you got the pick when you hear the thud but then no hitmarker. It really adds to how Hanzo is already kind of an unreliable pick in some situations. It makes it 10 times worse when stuff like this occurs multiple times in a match. I left a deathmatch because it happened 5+ times in one game. Hoping for any news regarding how soon the fix will be implemented :)
This is still happening...

Blizzard, how incompetent must your engineers be if they cannot fix this?
I would love it if they could fix that issue. Please Blizzard help with some of these issues happening to Hanzo mains and Characters alike, also I play on PS4 and I have way to many saved clips of headshot sounds, and visual effects and they still hop around like they just got out of spawn.
This is also happening with mei's icicles on pc

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