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How much ram do you have and is your windows 32bit or 64bit?
Alright, I'll take a shot at picking through this thing...
(Disclaimer - obviously not a Blizzard rep.)

04/04/2017 02:07 AMPosted by frnzy
Not sure if OverCrash is playable through steam so i can get my money back FASTER.

Not playable through Steam, or therefore purchasable. If you want to load the overlay onto your game, then you can. Blizzard does not necessarily consider refunds unless your purchase was made less than 24 hours ago.
04/04/2017 02:07 AMPosted by frnzy
HOWEVER, this is the only game or franchise I played that crashes your display drivers regardless of GPU(two diff video cards tested *fresh out of box RX460* and old .... RadeonHD5700(p.s yes its oooooold). I tried multiple OS platforms (7,10) the kicker is..... no solutions; fresh driver install using DDU or even a fresh OS format.... the game... just... crashes my display drivers.

Check your temperatures. Check to see if you have any conflicting programs that may mess with your game or its optimization. Try a number of drivers, more specifically the newest releases. Don't even bother with the Radeon 5700 because you'll get low frames, especially if your CPU/GPU combo may cause a bottleneck.

OS for Overwatch will not matter as long as it's one that is officially supported. Windows 7-->10 will do, but running it in Linux or a Distro in "Wine" may cause some issues, for example. See if your OS is 64-bit or 32-bit. Download and run the version of the game that matches one of the two.

Same with your other components. Don't worry about drivers all that much, ensure everything is connected and seated right in your computer case, make sure your CPU isn't overheating, etc etc.

To a further extent, check for conflicting software unrelated to your parts. Turn off your firewall and switch to the Windows firewall, disable any sort of game "overlays" such as the ones Curse or Discord offer, maybe exit other applications when not in use.

04/04/2017 02:07 AMPosted by frnzy
I'm new to Blizz and gave it the benefit but after STEAMS policies on games that you spend money on and don't run. I feel ripped off. I was never replied to by the rep from Blizz after asking for a refund when I told her...."My system crashes when I engage your game and only your game"

Again, this isn't Steam. Not every video game site is open to refunds. I'm sure it's different with other outlets like GOG, Origin, or even G2A.

With the case of Blizzard, it's hard to get a refund for their PC games. Typically if you bought the product <24h ago then you may have a chance. This applies to all games, from Diablo to World of Warcraft. You can't tell them your sappy story and expect a full compensation or refund almost a YEAR after you got the game.
Bottom line ... I loved the game and I fought through the constant crashes till i got banned for dropping multiple times. But F888 it , your fan base is on google searching why OVERWATCH is causing 'Display Driver Stopped Responding and Has Recovered'

MSG ME @ any1 from blizz support team// you collect money from players to survive ... your last rep didn't respond to emails.

After a few crashes, don't you think it was time to quit Competitive until a solution was found? Because you're under 3000 SR (or maybe were above at one point), you don't have to worry about your rating degrading.

Yes, and the "fans" who are having issues post to TECHNICAL SUPPORT rather than here.

If you think you're going to get an official word back on this, good luck. It's not gonna happen. Maybe go play the Console game and return/sell the CD when you feel like you've lost the ability to have fun. Less technical issues that you'd have there but not much different otherwise.
Hey there frnzy,

Sorry to hear that you're having trouble with the game. We do offer technical support for the game, both through our official forums and through support tickets which can be submitted through the support website.

In looking at your account, I see the ticket you opened 2 months ago to report an issue with your games performance. The representative that responded to you asked you to provide some diagnostic information so that they could see what was going on. However, we don't show any response from you in the last 2 months. It also doesn't look like you've posted in our Technical Support forums from this account. Keep in mind that the email you received was to let you know your ticket had been responded to. It would have come from a Do Not Reply email address and directed you to return to the support website so that you could provide a response - if you responded to the representative by email, it was never received.

We definitely want to help, but so far we've lacked the information to do so. If you're still having trouble (which it sounds like you are), please open a ticket from our support website.

Instead of using the Overwatch - Account - "Not Listed Here" category, I would recommend going to the Support Website and selecting:
- Overwatch
-- Technical (install, patch, lag, crashing)
--- PC
---- Crashes

This will make sure that your ticket goes directly to the Technical Support group. You will have the option to select 1 of 3 contact channels (depending on the time of day). Because you have selected a technical support category, the form you will be asked to fill out will provide some basic troubleshooting instructions and give you a place to provide the diagnostic files needed to help investigate your issue.

I've had to moderate a couple of replies in this thread so I'm going to go ahead and lock it but please do submit a ticket when you are able and hopefully we'll be able to help you track down the cause of your troubles.

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