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Teammates will regularly make sexist comments once they know that I'm a woman. Sometimes other teammates will stand up for me, but generally there are too many players saying nasty things based on my gender (e.g., Are you on your period? Or, why don't you let your boyfriend play instead?). To make it worse, there's not an effective way to report and stop this behavior. Overwatch would benefit from a better reporting system. Whether its a 5-star rating, a thumbs-down vote for toxic teammates, or some other method of reporting, the game would be more enjoyable for all involved. Critics might think this system would be too easily abused, but Blizzard could find a way to make it work. Besides, anything is better than the status quo, which is blind, non-responsive and ineffective reporting. With nothing more, Blizzard will struggle to build its player base among female gamers. There could be a system that lets you rate teammates with a 5-star player rating, like Amazon's sellers (e.g., you receive an average rating of 3.8 out of 5 stars and then are paired with comparably rated teammates), or they could have a thumbs up/down voting system that limits the number of thumbs-down votes to 1 per 3 games. Whatever the solution, please consider ways to improve the user experience when players face toxic or sexist language from teammates. As is, I can block an abusive teammate and still get stuck with them the following game. Or I can report them and nothing happens. There must be a better way to handle this issue. Thanks.
10/10 suggestion though I doubt Blizzard will do anything because their report systems have always been ineffectual and pointless. Though I think a Karma system that says "this player was nice to play with" or "this player was not nice to play with" would be nice and then maybe we could put all the toxic people together. Edit: AKA I agree with your thumbs up and down idea.

Note: If you don't want the same teammate wait 2 minutes before queuing again.
Agreed completely. I am a disabled vet, and a guy made fun of how much I've been playing this season and when I said why, he just heaped abuse on me. It's amazing how cruel people can be. I'm sorry you're having those issues. Maybe try to find a few teammates/friends you enjoy playing with so you don't always feel isolated and ganged up on.

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