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After a six game win streak tonight where I finally feel like I might make it out of bronze...yet another thrower intentionally tanked a game during one of his/her placement matches. This is the 5th time in two days I've had this happen, 2 of those 5 times coming from a duo-queue pair of healers that did nothing but fire their pistols and run into the enemy team to die.

I got the impression that 'smurfing' isn't an issue, as these folks tend to jump out of lower rating quickly, but 1) it's a constant problem for people in lower tiers who run into it daily given the sheer volume of people doing it, and 2) these players simply avoid climbing out of lower tiers as they have a stable of heroes they use ONLY to tank rating with...meaning they crush games on their preferred heroes (to troll lower level players with)...then simply keep themselves in bronze by bombing games with the heroes they use to tank rating. I ran into that duo again last night and they were playing for real having finished placements; 5+ elims per life on their 'smurf' heroes when I checked profile and absolutely head and shoulders above everyone else in the game.

This season has been a dreadful experience for me. I'm your average gold player stuck in bronze for the first time and unable to climb despite my performance it seems. I love this game to pieces, but would love to see the team take harsher action against people who are deliberately throwing games.
Well, bright side: at least win streaks don't mean crap anymore. So you didn't lose as much momentum as you could have.


Blizz please revert every change you've made to this game in the last month.

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