Throwing is ruining this game

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Just played with someone who intentionally picked a 3rd healer, then a 3rd tank, did nothing the entire game. Burned ults in the spawn. Left the game for 'graphics issues' when we were contesting the 3rd point on defense. He taunted the team the entire game. He invited me as a friend after the game and heaped abuse on me and laughed at me and the 'bads' in bronze. "If I tried we'd (I'd) win any game up to high diamond" he said. How lovely for us...

Checking his profile, he has 4+ elims per life as Genji, Soldier, and a host of other heroes he has played for well over a dozen hours, as well as a 70%+ win rate as those heroes. His season high is around 2700. He is currently around 1300. He is clearly crushing with some characters, then tanking with others. He clearly did this in Season 1, 2, and 3 as well.

Jeff, team...when are you going to do something about this? It is absolutely ruining the game for folks like me. This is the sixth competitive game like this in 3 days.

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