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First off, let me say, that this list is my opinion. Second, I want to know what you guys think is the top 5 most difficult achievements below. Edit: I'm not counting event achievements. Fk u Legendary Uprising, Null Orisa spray.

1. Rapid Discord: Get 4 kills or assists with Zenyatta's Orb of Discord within 6 seconds in quick or competitive play.

Simple enough, everyone knows this is the most difficult achievement to get. If you have it, statistically, you are part of a small pool of players who have it.

2. Smooth as Silk: Kill an enemy with a Scoped Headshot while airborne as Widowmaker in quick or competitive play.

If you can't aim, or play hitscan, or widow, this is a virtually impossible achievement to get.

3. The Path is Closed: Destroy 3 of Symmetra's Teleporters in a single quick or competitive game.

Unless you play a ton of flankers and have a sym on the enemy team who ignores ALL her teleporters, this is going to be a hard achievement to get, especially for the tank and healer mains.

4. Halt State: Pull enemies into 1000 damage with a single use of Orisa's Halt! in quick or competitive play.

Apparently, the best way to get this is to combo it with Zarya and a DPS, so, right after Zarya ult and right before something like Phara ult. If you can't get people to combo with you or can't time it just right, good luck getting it. Because pulling people off cliffs doesn't count and once the enemies touch the ground, your chance of getting it is gone.

5. Anger Management: Damage 6 enemies with a single use of Winston's Primal Rage in quick or competitive play.

This one is here because honestly, at this state of the game, if an enemy team is all grouped together and lets a winston get close and smack them all, they should quit playing. This just isn't very viable this late in the game since they are almost never all right there, usually one is on the high ground or flanking or holding back.

Bonus: Any Quad Kill Ahievement: Kill 4 Players with [insert character] ult.

I was going to put this at #5, but Winston trumped it because I don't have it (so a little bias). But again, this is very situational, and usually just takes time. The hardest part is getting it on characters you don't play or are just bad at.

Let me know what you guys think in the comments below, and if you disagree, share your own list and reasoning. I'd love to see what everyone else thinks.

Edit: The Floor is Lava isn't on here because it was my third achievement. I got it at the beginning of Route 66 as defense. If that helps.
the floor is Lava

i still have no idea how anyone even gets this one, especially on console
Where is floor is lava



Where is the event achievements? Not only are some of those incredibly hard to get, they are limited too.
The hardest for me were

Dead-eye (mccree ult 4k, something always blocks it)

Floor is lava (need to be very lucky here and get some good boops)

Hack the planet (15 enemies hacked without dying caused me to not really play with my team, it was a very selfish time)

Halt! (1000 damage after being pulled in, this is the only one I do not have yet, but I have not really been trying for it)

The 2 that took me the longest with actual trying were mccree and lucio though.
The Floor is Lava - the only one I miss and the by far the hardest and stupid. Trying to make Lucio into a killer.

Rest are just honorable mentions.
I don't know why, but apparently, my computer double posted or something. I apologize. Anyway I can have the threads merged?
04/19/2017 11:35 AMPosted by redmaster911
the floor is Lava

i still have no idea how anyone even gets this one, especially on console

I got it on both console and PC. While it is tough, I wouldn't say impossible. The trick is playing Lucio on maps with a lot of hole or with your incredible timing.

If you knock someone off the edge of a map, immediately find a wall to ride on after. Do that a few times and try avoiding death (best done in QP as your team would hate if you ditched them mid fight). It actually took me much longer to do on PC as I did it after 3 games trying on PS4 :p

Also, I got Smooth as Silk in the stupidest situation. Concussion blast from Pharah lined up my shot on McCree and I killed him by accident while I was aiming for Ana :p
Floor is lava is easy, rapid discord is easy if coordinating with someone, smooth as silk is really easy thanks to a glitch that allows you to scope and jump at the same time

The hardest one for me has been 4 man junkrat ult
The Winston one is pretty easy/inevitable on KotH maps tbh.

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