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Grappling Hook is worse than Venom Mine. Why, Because even if Venom Mine is destroyed, you will pay attention to the enemy trying to take you out from your position. An unaware Widowmaker is mostly dead. Grappling Hook is way worse because once it's used you have to wait a loooong time till you can use it again to give yourself a better view on a height advantage. Grappling Hook itself is a good ability, but has way higher cooldown than it should. Shadow Step suffering the same, but compare to Grappling Hook, it's not used that often. Combat Roll need to be used more often at certain situations, so right after Grappling Hook, Combat Roll considered as the second worst ability.
04/19/2017 12:21 PMPosted by Mellowmarrow
As a Widow main, her mine is far from useless. Your biggest vulnerability is tunnel vision; people can sneak up on you, where you're pretty much dead. Her mine creates a game of strategy around which you can play.

Widow as a character is a little weaker than others, however her mine is not her problem. Mine + bodyshot + melee will finish off most intruders when used properly.

If you stay at one spot for more than 2-3 shots you will die or don't get any picks because the whole world will know you are there. So there is really no need for a warning system.
04/19/2017 12:21 PMPosted by Mellowmarrow
Mine + bodyshot + melee will finish off most intruders when used properly.

-if someone on the enemy team is actually determined enough to wander over to Widow's position and put themselves at risk of walking into a mine.

Thing is, most experienced teams are going to find more efficient ways to harass you and often render the mine irrelevant, especially if you've been staying in the same spot for a little while and everyone on the planet knows where you are by that point.

Hell, if we're talking competitive, your own team is going to harass you as well.
04/19/2017 10:19 AMPosted by Monkeyman
Venom mine. 15 second cooldown for 75 damage, not even dealt all at once. It used to be even worse when it damaged Widow too.

It still can, happened to me a few days ago
04/19/2017 10:30 AMPosted by Assasinge
04/19/2017 10:21 AMPosted by LIGHTER99
...what venom mine is so good..not sure what you are talking about
it's pretty much addition damage, because you can shoot while the venom is dealing damage

and when tracer or genji jump you, it's so useful, 75 damage on a tracer or genji is huge

What the hell? Soldier just puts down his biotic field, you're dead kiddo. Tracer just recalls. Genji just, he just jumps around and deflects and you hope for a headshot on him or you die. Jesus, you don't even have any hours on Widow, gtfo. Well you only have 1 hour. Still, what are you on?

even with 1 hour im a better widow then you thats for sure
FtH, Shadowstep
Spider mine
04/19/2017 10:20 AMPosted by Assasinge
Venom mine. Pretty useless and only good for letting you know when someone's coming round' the corner. Which sometimes I don't even notice cuz I'm too busy sniping lmao
lol you got a 'postrophe out of place
Nah, Combat Roll and Shadow Step are pretty good when used correctly. Venom Mine bothers me because it has a dumb arc and slow travel time. If the purpose of it is to set up a kind of alarm for when people are walking somewhere, why not make it simple to aim? I feel it should move like Sleep Dart does. It takes long enough to arm that I doubt it would be any more effective to shoot into a group of enemies.

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