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What's the highest level on OW that you've seen? I just went against a level 1346, Platinum border with a star and level 46, he used to be GM. However, I'm an diamond, and he was a lower rank than me. I doubt that was because of decay because he has over 480 hours played this season.

Anyways, what's the highest you've seen? And on what platform?
I've played with Sylphea a few times, she's level 2662 right now
I've seen silver borders play in silver rank.

That's not too surprising tho being its easy to get it but, hey. (Shrugs)
Somewhere around lvl 1101-1200
Max gold level. yes, I played against Tazzerk.
I forget his name but he was 1 win away from gold
I play with/against Giantdwarf loads on Eu hes level 2258.
over 9000
Gold portrait with 3 stars. Not sure what lvl that is but the hours put in is just insane...
Silver frame with 5 stars yet to see a gold border.
Platinum border.
Silver frame with 2 stars or so.
A gold border with 1 star on the enemy team. I didn't check his stats cause he left as I joined the game. And it was on xbox
had a Gold border, level 34 (so level 1234?) in Uprising once

before that the highest I remember seeing was a Silver border with 4 stars
Already saw someone with plat boarder and four stars, level 2425 i think
The highest levels i've seen is probebly these guys
Starless gold border, which means about 12xx.

Silver, surprisingly, has more fellow lv. 600++ players in it than I expected. Met the above lv. 12xx player in QP though.
I've seen a guy who was so far in gold border he rolled back over into gold. Level 2400 or something.
i played with the highest level person in the game.
I've played against the second highest level in the world 3000 something (PS4) in a gold/platinum ranked game
His name was rhinoblue123abc

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