Highest level you've seen?

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The highest I saw was like 460 or so. But that was also a couple months ago. I probably played with higher but just didn't notice.
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06/30/2017 05:52 PMPosted by Jeff Kaplan

Gold Plaque

Prestige 3
A level ~30 platinum border with one star, no clue what level that is and I'm too lazy to figure it out.
I saw 2 gold borders before I even reached level 100, which I thought was strange.
2600. Platinum border. 5 stars. Guy needs to stop playing.
06/30/2017 05:52 PMPosted by Jeff Kaplan

I'm impressed. Which SR does he have?
Highest level I've seen in one of my own games was a 1835 platinum border, it was in comp and he never talked to any of us :/
06/30/2017 05:52 PMPosted by Jeff Kaplan

Not counting yourself?
I saw a platinum border player on ps4 here a few weeks ago.
Level 1800 in quickplay.
06/30/2017 05:52 PMPosted by Jeff Kaplan

I'm assuming you guys sent him a cease and desist letter?

In all seriousness though that is a LOT of Overwatch hours there. I'm kinda curious what heroes this person plays.
I saw a gold portrait two star. I'm not sure what the level is, but that's the highest i've seen.
I ran into a plat portrait a while back, they were in a 4-stack. Their group ended up leaving before the game even started though lol
I saw a 5 star platinum border on XBL. The guy has like 800 hours on pharah
I played With Sylphea
a 2 star plat border. on ps4
Platinum (Silver mixed with Gold plaque) level 2600. Didn't even know that was a thing until that match.

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