Most hero you dislike?

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Phara, she kills me even missing.
I dislike Genji and will purposely go out of my way to kill him and sometimes even solo ult him as Junk.
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It can be anyone even when it comes being a counter for you, example: I dislike winston while playing Widowmaker

For me, I dislike Hanzo for the unusual aiming the occurs when going around, especially when playing Mercy and getting shoted in mid air or just by flying with guardian angel.
I HATE Lucio. He is trying to get with and it is making me angry. If he even touches her...

dude jesus christ
There are four heroes that to me, if they were removed, I would sing praises. The top on that list, and I know I'm setting myself up for the firing range on this, is Reinhardt.

The reason for this being that, Reinhardt for a large portion of the playerbase, is mandatory, or you loose. To them his shield is far too important that no other tank can replace him. So me being the kind of person who normally sticks to QP, you'll usually find yourself with one tank one healer. The times I play tank, you can guess which tank everyone is going to stare at you and practically demand you take, regardless of the team comp.
And yes, I know the general consistence of 'who cares it's QP' not everyone in QP thinks that way, and all it takes is one person to make a comment before the salt can potentially flow.

So here I am, putting an unnecessary amount of time for a hero I already do not care for to begin with, getting frustrated at situations that, from first glance at a player's standpoint who doesn't have a lot of experience with the hero, are beyond my control. I went from a sour feeling of the hero to a heavy disgust, that is starting to stem into a seething hatred. It's the general problem of having something shoved down your throat enough times that something people can enjoy, turns into a nightmare for you.

Unfortunately, for a large enough playerbase, he is mandatory because he is the only 'Main Tank' overwatch has. Which becomes my main problem.
Definitely Hanzo. Not fun to have on the same team. Not fun to play against. I always feel that if you have a Hanzo, that is just a slot that could be repurposed an exponentially better way if that player were to use another role; unless that said player is an amazing Hanzo - which unfortunately is only a handful of players. There is only about one Hanzo player that I've met in the entire year of playing OW since launch that I could say I legitimately trust having on my team at any given time. Unfortunate, but that is solely my perspective.
I wouldn't be upset if Mei was just taken out of the game completely
Roadhog and not for any of the gameplay reasons.

He's just brutal and not even in the cool way. He would probably try and eat his victims alive. Even Reaper has standards.

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