elo hell exists

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Diamond is elo hell. Widowmakers who dont swap, Hanzos who only get kills with their ults, anas who play dps and then u got the notorious 'genji pros' elo hell exists.
jeez squidward, maybe santa will give me a dictionary for xmas to know what you just said.
Sounds like gold
Yes , elo hell exists. In bad players heads.
04/30/2017 07:25 AMPosted by Irres
Sounds like gold

Sounds like Bronze, Silver and Gold.
In silver it does because you get people that sometimes don't want to work as a team and even if they do they have no idea on why they are losing LUL.

Its pretty obvious as you sit back have a chuckle and then go to the next game hoping you reach gold.
Elo hell exists, I can get gold elims as lucio and I'm no dspstanky yet my incompetent team doesn't move behind a !@#$ing pillar when the words nerf this echo around the map and an exclamation mark the size of Trump's ego takes up a significant portion of the screen. There are also teammates that never group up and 1 by 1 walk to their death. There are also teammates that play comp yet don't know how to play support or tanks and are also dog%^-* as dps'. There are also teammates that focus any1 but the mercy who if killed can massively shift the teamfight (which only seems to occur once a map if lucky in silver) in the your teams favour. If you say that elo hell doesn't exist then you are either a really good player that can singlehandedly carry bad teams, or some1 who has never had the misfortune of playing in the bronze to gold ranks in their life. Also reffering to original post if you say that there is elo hell in any rank above or including platinum then you are just bad, worst case scenario you get throwers, trolls and leavers. In the lower elo's you get people with the mechanical skills of a banker, the game sense of a 2 year old with a brain tumor, trolls, a plethora of leavers and people who throw games if 1 round is lost out of 5.

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