HotS allows AI standins for discs - why not OW?

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Getting back into HotS (I was heavily into it when it came out, then switched to Overwatch) I realized something I missed. When a player leaves a HotS competitive game they are automatically replaced by an AI. If they come back, they take over their character again. Generally speaking, the AI isn't great but can at least do the basics (lane, follow other players, etc).

Why not do this in Overwatch? Why force 6v5 when an AI could theoretically step in?
That's actually a pretty good idea.
The problem with this becomes one of balance. If you make the AI replacement terrible, it becomes nothing more than free ult charge for the other team and a liability for your team. Make the AI too proficient, and people will begin pressuring/harassing/abusing those they perceive as underperforming in the hopes of getting a "better" AI replacement.

It's not a bad idea, but its one that would need a ton more detail.

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