Is 2:2:2 actually optimal?

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Or are we all just sheep following ideas that we have been told works by those before us. Are we unwilling to experiment because we are complacent or because we fear failure? Does Genji sweat out Shurikens?
2-2-2 is simply perfect.
I find 2-2-2 the most fun to play, but optimal? that's subjective. Last meta was triple tanks, now rouge other teams have started to use triple dps. If tripple dps is the new meta, or just something that a few pro teams are gone use use, time will tell.

My favorite setup is, with obviously a lot of ways to mix and have fun.

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This is clearly the answer to the Genji question.
Depens on the heroes on the enemy team.
But its usually the best if you dont wanna do some crazy comps.
Use 2-2-2 when you have conventional hero picks, but when you start running comps with Sombra, you can drop a healer in return for more self-sustain (you need the tanks to charge EMP).

You can also just drop a tank in a standard game for DPS as long as the DPS stay spread out and punish their back line.
I wouldn't call it "optimal". What's optimal is going to vary widely between attack, defense, koth, and that's even before you look at the maps and personal hero preference of the players.

But 222 is certainly the most well rounded and flexible team setup. You can run pretty much any 2 DPS, 2 Healers and 2 Tanks and it'll work. It's not like Quad/Triple DPS which relied entirely on Ana, or teams which drop a Tank or Healer for utility heroes like Mei or Sombra.

It's basically the Soldier 76 of teamcomps. There might be better teamcomps depending on the situation, but it'll always be a good teamcomp.
I don't think 2-2-2 is "the best" in any case ... it's more the most balanced you can go. It has the least downsides of most prominent comps.
In my opinion the strongest comps require 1 good hitscan dpser, a solid reinhardt, and either a good mercy or ana. anything past that is just a situationally created comp that will probably work.
I find mei effective.

How do you class mei in a 222 setup?

Also, I've won games against 222 with only one Lucio. Its entirely up to your team's style, comp, and abilities.
Noone addressing how Genji gets those shurikens
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How do you class mei in a 222 setup?

Mei typically replaces the off tank in 222.
2/2/2 is just pretty much the default team comp to follow. I wouldn't really call it meta. It's just balanced (to me, meta was when players only ran Lucio/Ana for higher SR games.)

Breaking this comp is risky because you'll no longer have "insurance" against a mistake. For instance, if you run only one healer, you'll be screwed if they are successfully flanked. Sometimes you can gamble on it, though, and I've seen it work to great effect. For example: if you have a Symm/Torb on defense, you'll only need a single healer.

I've also seen a dive comp in high diamond-masters that swapped out their second healer in favor of a Bastion and only ran a single Zenyatta for disco orb. It worked, though those were paid actors and I wouldn't recommend trying this at home.
Minimum 2 healer will always be meta because you need a backup for if your healer gets picked. There is a semi exception for defence where pseudo supports like Torb or Symm can work because they reduce deaths and/or lower respawn times.
5 DPSes and im the tank/healer (1-3 of the DPSes is hanzo/widow/genji who cant aim and when checking theirs profil: 50hours on them & low rank)
is the QP most have team for sure
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05/02/2017 03:55 AMPosted by 鬥陣特攻
How do you class mei in a 222 setup?

Mei typically replaces the off tank in 222.

I agree Mei can fill for a tank if you're missing one, but Mei should really be DPS-ing.
In my opinion it is often the "Safe" option, there are many other options which offer higher rewards usually at greater risks.
Roadhog only is the most optimal way to play.
Genji's shurikens are probably from the same place where Reaper gets his magical shotguns that pop out of his coat endlessly :D

Maybe Volskaya has them covered with those things?

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