Has anybody else had this issue on Hanamura?

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There's no way this could be intended (doesn't make sense to me if it is), but I just finished a game on Hanamura where my team defended the second point without the enemy team getting a single % point, they never stepped on the second point at all. We even got the alert at the end of the round saying "any progress towards capturing the second point will result in an instant win" or whatever it says.

When it came time for my team to go on offense, we also took the first point straightaway but we also failed to take a single step onto the second point. Instead of being a draw like we all suspected it was going to be, it ended in a loss for our team and said we lost 1-2. This is on PS4 btw.
Sounds like a bug. Probably test it in custom games to make sure it's consistent?

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