Is soldier better hero than a godlike aimer mccree?

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It's not that Soldier has more damage than McCree. It's that Soldier is a safer pick than McCree. Soldier is allround good, while McCree is a glass cannon.
Good video inuse, unfortunately the ignorance is strong. Seriously guys, it's a short video that proves his point way beyond some anecdotal B.S. story or example. At least watch the evidence before you deny it.

I mean heck you can prove mathematically that Mcree's gun isn't any better than 76's.

The infamous Mcree double tap takes a lot of skill and few players can pull it off consistently, guess how much quicker it kills a 200 health hero over? Only a fraction of a second at around 0.25 give or take. This is not even accounting for helix rockets or headshots that can take off that fraction of a second and match or even beat Mcrees time to kill.

In short there is no real reward to mastering Mcree's pistol over 76's rifle, at peak performance they both have almost the exact same time to kill. The difference is 76's rifle is easier to use and more forgiving of mistakes making it more consistent even in the hands of a skilled player.

Once you acknowledge that the peak performance of their weapons is negligible at best you only need to look at their kits. 76 wins in every single aspect here.

FTH vs Helix Rockets - Boast one of the highest dps scores in the game but is utterly useless outside of melee distance. Rockets on the other hand offer good burst damage at short to medium range and even offer a little AoE to boot. Can actually kill average health heroes at a comparable time to a Mcree that lands a headshot when combined with primary fire.

Combat Roll vs Sprint - Combat roll is almost entirely useless as a mobility tool as the range is incredibly short and the CD long. We may as well call it what it is, a glorified free reload. Sprint on the other hand has no CD, no resource meter, and allows 76 to quickly exit or enter the fight. His sprint makes 76 one of the quickest heroes in the game over distance.

Flashbang vs Biotic Field - Flashbang is short duration stun, not even a second long(0.7). It's extremely short range, has a very long CD, and doesn't even halt momentum. This not even going into how janky and inconsistent it is in use. Biotic field is an AoE heal that not only allows 76 to go from 1 to 200 in 5 seconds but to share the love with nearby allies, all while still being able to shoot and lay down fire. To put this in perspective 76s heal actually heals significantly quicker than a Zen orb and only a little less than a Lucio healing aura under the affects of Amp it Up. Biotic field wouldn't be out of place on a support hero yet it's attached to a hero with some of the best consistent damage around.

DeadEye vs Tactical Visor - Don't think I need to say much here. Deadeye gives off a massive visual and audio cue and requires my opponents to stand out in the open for several seconds while Mcree stands out in the open glowing like the freaking sun. 76 meanwhile has one of the best ultimates in the game. It accomplishes much of what a perfect Mcree ultimate might, but activates instantly and can be synced with Nano boost or Mercy damage beam to instantly melt anything in 76's sight. Oh and he can move unhindered and use his other abilities for the entire duration as well.

I think it's a joke that people think Mcree is fine because a hand full of pros still use him without acknowledging that the only reason they do so is probably because of the absurd amount of time they've already spent mastering him. Same crowd makes this argument in Fighting games or MOBAs when some guy uses an obscure pick. I'm sorry guys, but arguing a hero is balanced because a hand full of players in the world can use him effectively is nonsense.

Honestly I think they should keep Mcrees left click as is and just throw out and rework his entire kit. It's silly to have a medium range damage dealers abilities all focus on up close combat. If Mcree had a kit of comparable use to 76 than the difference in their guns wouldn't matter, it'd become a true choice of flavor.

As for 76's nerf, it's only 1 damage, it seems pretty damn negligible on his time to kill for the most part. We're talking 167 dps instead of 175, it'll still melt average health pool heros in just under a second and a half.

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