Are Streaks Still A Thing?

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Are win/loss streaks still a thing?
Yes, but not like it was previously.

Now it requires a bigger streak and it's meant to get smurfs and boosted accounts to the SR where they belong faster.

But if you're neither a smurf or boosted, then you shouldn't really notice that it's there.
Here's a figure showing my average SR change grouped by the streak length:
It's from 250 matches since about April 18. As you can see it starts to make a difference after a streak of four. I've had very few streaks of six or longer and only one lose streak of 6 and 7 so those values are quite uncertain. But you get the general gist; for the first wins I get about +21 SR, for the 7th wins +32, and for the 8th win +45 SR.

The red bars are taller because I get less for victories than I lose for defeats as Zenyatta. The win rate in this data is exactly 56%.
Yep, but now your loss streaks last multiple days before you bottom out because you don't lose as much per loss. Worse than it was before. Losing non stop for 2-3 days is way more tilting than losing non stop for an afternoon.
Right after they said they were changing the matchmaking/sr system, I went on a crazy win streak (like 15 games) and was not getting any win streak points, I would get like 14-23 points for wins...

With the most recent update, a few weeks ago, I noticed that the streaks were back...I am on a win streak right now and got 40 points for my 7th win in a row....

I won 5, lost 1, and then won 7 more and was up 331 points
Yeah, every 10 wins you get 10 losses. Forced 50/50 winrate

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