HOTS glitch

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I won 5 games in HOTS with friends, but i don't have any rewards.
Does HOTS say you completed the challenge? Did you do last weeks challenge?
If you didn't do the 1st quest (Oni Genji), you must play 10 games, 5 for the 1st quest and 5 for the 2nd quest (Police
Only modes other than vs AI (like quickplay) will count towards the 2nd quest.
You must play with friends in your friends list and you must be in a group with them.
Make sure you did week one

Make sure you're doing a real game, not just AI for the second set of five (doesn't matter if you win or lose)
If your claiming its a glitch and not an error on your part some more info would be helpful
I think he's played AI.
i won in quick match with a friend. i did week 1 and completed it.

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