Hopes for Funko Pop wave 3?

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With the recent release of the second wave, it seems that every wave will get 6 figures and at least one of them will be a large 6 inch tall figure. So with 12 figures already released, who are you hoping for next?

Personally I hope we get
Wave 3
Roadhog (6 inch figure)
Bastion (6 inch figure)

Wave 4
Orisa (6 inch figure)
Zarya (Unsure if she would be a tall figure or not, considering she isn't a very tall tank)

And then if they do decide to make a Wave 5 I think that 6 more characters would have already been released if Blizzard keeps the hero every three months strategy.
If they make recolored exclusives, they need to make two packs of hanzo/genji and junkrat/roadhog with matching colors :D

(But next wave, junkrat, roadhog or preferably both are must for me. They haven't got any figures yet!)
Junkrat with mine and trap as well as Torb with his turret.
I want a Sunyatta so bad with his orb emote.
I want a Mercy. My Pharah is lonely.
Ana in her Wasteland skins would be awesome, or Merciful!
Now that I can get Lucio I just want Zenyatta and Junkrat and I can be happy.
Wave 4: a life
Wave 5: a girlfriend
I need Hanzo
like the entire 5 inch tall figurine is just widowmaker's !@#.
Hopefully Hanzo next time
My McCree one needs a friend
I don't know about everyone else but I feel like the tanks have been on an entirely different level than the other ones. I don't know what it is but they feel so much cooler and D.va's is pretty much just a model of her mech.
Personally i need them to come out with zenatta caz i main him :)
I'd like it if they were allowed to set off an explosion of rumours by releasing a figure of hero we knew nothing (or very little) about
Genji and Bastion! They already have Winston so I just need those two to finish my 3 mains
Mercy has been confirmed as one of the wave 3, Check Funkos twitter :) and yes, Hanzo is a must for the next wave. Hopefully he get's at least one alt suit as well.
I totally agree with you, olaja blizzard see your message
I need a emercgenji asap. Gold mercy <3 for bliz exclusive omigawd

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