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Personally, I feel that Oasis is the most annoying map, as it is easy to camp spawn. It brings back bad memories of koth_nucleus. I'm curious as to what you all think is the most annoying/worst map and why.
(Remember: This is opinionated, not a factual argument.)

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worst i say is either volskya or anubis, same issue
easy to take 1st point stupidly hard to take the second. the issue here is that the attackers spawn is a decent distance away while defenders are right there at the point
I hate Oasis and Numbani ...
All 2 cps

and pre-patch eichenwalde cp
Anubis, the map genuinely makes me want to smash my head into a brick wall.
I think all of the 2CP maps are a failure at map design. First point funnels attackers through a very easy to defend choke point that can take forever to break through. The second points are just terrible and favor the defending team to a hilarious extent. Spawn point right on top of it so you have to essentially kill the entire team just to take it.

They need to be heavily reworked to not favor the defending team to such an absurd extent
I hate all the KOTH maps
But that's because I really suck in that mode
Anubis is the only one for me. It is a real hit or miss.Love it or hate it.
Anubis and Hanamura make me sigh audibly whenever they're up next.
Hanamura. Taking the final point is demoralizing.

Aesthetically, Nepal literally hurts my eyes sometimes with it's brightness.
I'm not a fan of Volskaya, defending or attacking. I'm not sure why, I think it's just a mix of atmosphere (it's certainly not one of the most colorful maps) and the layout which has some funky angles.
All 2 cp maps. First point is OK but trying to capture second point in solo q is so frustrating that I want to give up after 30 seconds.
It's basically just running in and dying until someone lands that lucky ult that will get a team kill.
It's equally frustrating on defence: defending for 4 minutes and praying that the enemy team won't land this lucky ult :(
I hate Dorado so much
I don't mind any on defense but attacking second point on 2cps is awful.
Hanamura, and generally every 2CP. The spawns at every final point are just so close, sometimes it can be such a pain to take that point.
Lijiang Tower, Oasis and Hanamura.
05/07/2017 11:20 AMPosted by Apothecary
Hanamura. Taking the final point is demoralizing.

Aesthetically, Nepal literally hurts my eyes sometimes with it's brightness.

During the hero select screen on I think village? The one with genjis room. Anyways the blinding snow makes white skins such as genjis nihon, anas merciful, or most Mei skins all look amazing.
I only hate all 2CP maps and Route 66, and I really love all KotH maps...
Overall, I dislike Volskaya on both offense and defense. The map is just not fun to play. The other two 2CP maps are abysmal to play on offense, but less so on defense.

Outside of 2CP, I still very much dislike Oasis.

I dislike Illios Lighthouse because of the location and layout of the capture point.

Lijang Tower Garden sucks too.
Every 2CP is torture for me. Especially with an Attack Widow+Hanzo plus a Genji thrown into the mix. Point B, of course, being defended by a Torb and Symm combo. God, Sundays provide the very worst QP games.

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