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I just had a comp match on Volskaya. Our comp was Mercy, Ana, S76, Rhog, Dva, and me as Tracer. We were defending.

I killed the Reaper who tried to tele side-flank. Came back to the main choke point to see the enemy Reinhardt somehow managed to get past my team and get to where the side flank was (where you can go around, instead of through the choke).
I'm blasting the Reinhardt since no one else did, or called it out. While I'm focused on him, my whole team wipes -- this is within the 1st one minute of the round, that's how fast it happened. 2-3 of them, immediately start blaming the DPS and saying how we need to put in some serious damage, or switch to something else, say something, etc.

I decided to reply over voice chat, and I explained to them simply put that you can't expect godly things to happen such as pulling off a 1v5. I also explained that if you're going to complain about the DPS not doing their job, you should probably pull your own weight. I also pointed out that they died within the 1m mark of the 1st round, leading to them blaming the teammates and bringing team morale down. Then they tried to get under my skin, by stating that I was mad. I wasn't, I just wanted to point out they weren't right, and that DPS players aren't the ones to blame ALL THE TIME.

Healers and Tanks make mistakes too, but if you try to say something, its just looked down upon, while insulting people playing DPS is okay. I had 2 others in the game, 1 being a tank, that agreed with me, so it wasn't like I was just tootin my own horn, throwing out insults, etc.

We lost the 1st round badly. After I explained my POV, we quieted down, re-examined our comp, and beat them 3-2. Its great when no one plays the blame game, team morale stays high, and we communicate a lot more.

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