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Bastion: 8/10
Soldier: 5/10
Pharah: 5/10
Zarya: 3/10
Bastion - 6/10
Zarya - 5/10
Pharah - 2/10
Soldier - 2/10
05/19/2017 05:54 AMPosted by iamJerbear9
so no one else is curious about the backstory to 76 becoming a double amputee? i figure junkrat must be doing something right with his trap placement.
I'm more curious about how Hanzo took off Genji's legs with a bow and arrow.
Zarya : 6
Soldier : 9
Bastion : 7
Pharah : 8
Pharah - 1/10 I can't stand it, expected so much more
Bastion 6/10 wasn't good want bad
Zarya - 4/10 looks like a toy, should of used the HoTs skin
Soldier - 6/10 probably by favorite wasn't good as good as I hoped for but.
76 - 10/10 -- Looks like a total badass
Bastion - 9/10 -- Looks pretty cool, unique color and style
Phara - 7/10 -- This one is too plain for me just looks a lot like her other skins
Zarya - 6/10 -- Ok, Not really feeling the colors on this one
You can't please everyone.
I'm just happy we even GOT new skins.
Bastion: 5
Zarya: 2
Solide76: 3
Pharah: 3
05/19/2017 07:07 AMPosted by Elemeno
You can't please everyone.
I'm just happy we even GOT new skins.

What do you mean you're happy you got new skins? It's Anniversary Event, new skins are bound to happen besides..event skins are the money maker for Overwatch. Why would they NOT make new skins? You're so naive.
Soldier: 8
Pharah: 2
Bastion: 4
Zarya: 6
I REALLLY like the bastion and soldier skin! cant even lie! why so much hate!?

The zarya one is okay as well
For me

Zarya: 2/10
Soldier: 5/10
Bastion: 3/10
Pharah: 4/10

With so much opportunity for Zarya skin they went this way so sigh. Also Pharah isn't higher because her base color is the same as her normal skin? Why?
And Bastion could be higher if he get's like a car model for the sentry mode that would be awesome.

Soldier is okaish.
Bastion 9
Soldier 8
Pharah 5
Zarya 4

Bastion skin is pretty funny. Will be nice to drive as a Buggy instead of a Tank.
Soldier = Cyborg-Soldier-dude
Pharah Skin should probably be a 1001 Night themed skin. This might look better with an other Color theme.
Zarya is just... I don't know.
Bastion - 6/10. I'm not a Bastion player, but I think he looks passable.
Soldier - 8/10. The only thing I would change would be adding some hair to his head, he looks a bit too bald. Overall he's cool, got them Deus Ex/Robocop vibes as well.
Zarya - Steven Universe/10
Pharah - 2/10. First legendary for her and it looks worse than her epics. Has default helmet, default colors.
"10/10" -IGN

seriously though, i love them all, i hope there's more like this.
I give them all 7.5s.
honestly 10/10 for each one, beyond excited. The obnoxious bandwagoning people do on these forums is embarresing
I think those skins are kinda disappointing.

I understand those being worse than previous events because other events usually have a theme, like Halloween and Christmas, while at a first anniversary events you are like "Ehm, what are we gonna do? Party hats?" and just do not have an actual solid theme for them.

Yet, this is the first time I would prefer to take a bastion skin over the others, and I have 0 seconds on bastion. That shows my disappointment. Lets hope the rest of the skins are good, or at least lets hope zarya will ever get one cool skin and not become a weird power ranger.

( Also why did no one rate soldier skin 7.6/10? :( )
It seems like I'm very alone on this one,
Zarya: 9/10
Soldier 76: 9/10
Bastion: 7/10
Pharah: 8/10
I think overall I really like the kind of futuristic design of soldier's and the weird colorful zarya skin with that gold iron man looking mask, I honestly love these and am excited for the rest of the skins.
I like all the skins honestly.
Pharah - 7/10
Zarya - 9/10 (I don't even play her but still)
Soldier - 9/10
Bastion - 7/10

They look unique.

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