Reinhardt Issues (Trying to compile a full list)

Bug Report
Update :
PTR has some changes/fixes - the swing speed/hitbox looks fixed

From another bug report ->
05/27/2017 12:32 PMPosted by Bill Warnecke
Thanks for the report. I don't believe we intended to change Reinhardt's hammer. We will dig into this.

End Update

First off, I'm trying to compile a full list of possible issues/bugs for Reinhardt.
I made this video that looks at some of the issues ->

Also, I made some comments on other threads which I now realise are wrong, so I'm sorry for doubting those replies I made.

List of Reinhardt Posts ->

Effective swing rate - FIXED on PTR
Reinhardt's swing rate has changed. There is a video in the above post that shows the difference.
From the tests I've done it would seem that Reinhardt originally had an effective 0.9-0.95 seconds per swing and now it's at 1.04 (give or take 0.01).
This effectively lowers his DPS.

Delay from latency/ping
05/24/2017 02:40 AMPosted by Kekstarter Frame by frame comparison of me playing at 160 ping and my friend playing at 45 after the latest update. Both charge and firestrike hit the target on my screen later than on his. There IS a newly acquired delay. We are not being crazy, guys.

This includes charging and firestriking, it might also include time for Earthshatter
to register as well. Also trying to control Reinhardt's movements while charging is affected. This seems completely ping/latency related as the videos show the lower the ping the less affected.

Earthshatter not hitting an enemy that it should, happens all too often and the above post contains a video showing this.
The above post says that Earthshatter no longer hits people on the top of a payload. I haven't had time to test this but if someone has a video I will gladly add it in. If this is the case, is this as intended with the reduced height or a bug?

Charging Bug - Changed a bit on PTR
You can see from my video that if you connect with an enemy at the end of a charge that is close to an edge then you fall off as well. Bug or as intended?
An extra thing I found, the barrier/rail behind that bot is safe to charge is the bot isn't there. So it doesn't matter if you charge the bot close or at the end of the charge, you will ignore the barrier/rail and fall off.

Melee Knockback
Just something I really noticed while testing Reinhardt's melee in the training area. Where did his knockback go?

Shield/Melee/Shield Combo
This no longer works but also seemed to be something that favoured a higher latency. Intended or Bug?

Different Hit area between swings - FIXED on PTR?
The video in the above post shows that it's possible to miss some attacks from the different swing direction.

Route 66 Tunnel Wall Glitch
The video in the above post shows that it's possible to look in the tunnel by getting the right timing with using your shield. I tested a few tunnels and it was the only tunnel it would work with, but there could be more locations.

Any comments/suggestions/other appreciated, including if I have missed a post that should be added.
Since the patch console overwatch has become awful. Damage from mcree and other hitscans does not hit as fast as it used to, and enemy health does not register and lower as fast as it used to. It is like I am DPSing through water, and I wind up shooting at targets longer than needed, as they die a split second later. Something is wrong, it used to only feel like this when ping spiked a lot, but it was happening regularly last night.

Reinhardt is worse than the hitscans. All of his attacks have massive lag now.

If they made changes to affect higher ping players, then they messed it up. It is massively affecting console players regardless of internet speeds and quality. A lot of people in chat noticed something felt off, but few were able to put their finger on it. I was able to notice it instantly in a custom match, after some testing.

They need to revert whatever netcode change was made, as it is making the game feel a lot worse.
This is a very well made post, I hope someone from blizzard sees this. I appreciate you mentioning the earth shatter inconsistencies, as they have always annoyed me. Since the roadhog changes, Reinhardt has been the buggiest character in the game by far. It is time he gets some love. Or at least a blizzard response.
Bumping bc of the dead silence of devs.
This is the best thread for someone at blizzard to see, and I don't want this to simply be forgotten. So I am bumping this post.
Hi, I just posted this on another forum and I think it's important for blizzard to see. All of the evidence you posted is amazing and thanks for taking the time to do that....

05/26/2017 12:38 PMPosted by pantsgnome
Thank you guys for acknowledging this, I was thinking I would have to rally a group of people myself. I am a 4.1k sr Reinhardt main and the differences I've noticed though I don't have video is :

1)when charging it will occasionally glitch and bump the target up as if you missed even when you hit with direct impact.

2) inaccurate hammer down, not sure if delayed or what the issue is, I earth shattered a group of 5 people including a Reinhardt who threw his shield on after my hammer down struck. The ultimate stunned 3 people behind his wall and him and another were unaffected. Very strange. This was in the second point main hallway at hanamura with very little area for a missed ult. I know it hit all of them and had multiple witnesses.

3) clunky lack of registration on normal hits.

In short terms it seems some of his hits are not registering or are delayed register. Please fix!!!
I'm glad this list exists, Rein just doesn't feel right. I hope that they can revert him to how he was before the patch and maybe fix his earthshatter. It should definitely hit people on all payloads.
My biggest issue right now is the hammer swing speed (there are others, but this is priority) is WAY slower than before....I am so sick of going out and dying, it is not fun. I have over 150 Hours on Rein., so I know I am not crazy.
A notable youtube channel talking about some of the issues.

Apparently someone at Blizz responded to this on reddit.

We need more people to be aware of this so that we can get an official response/fix.
Thanks for the links Armandin and for mentioning this post on reddit too. :)

Bill Warnecke also responded on a forum post ->
05/27/2017 05:51 PMPosted by WallyWalrick
Thanks for the links Armandin and for mentioning this post on reddit too. :)

Bill Warnecke also responded on a forum post ->

Not a problem, in reality I should be thanking you. Thank you for taking the initiative and creating this post in the first place.
05/27/2017 08:59 PMPosted by Armandin

Not a problem, in reality I should be thanking you. Thank you for taking the initiative and creating this post in the first place.

In that case we should both thank Kekstarter as I didn't think it was a problem and posted as such, but decided to investigate further when more evidence was presented.
Taken from Overwatch sub on Reddit by Blizz Dev

"Hey folks I don't think we intended to change Reinhardt's hammer. We will dig into this."

So they are aware of it and at least looking into it
good thread op. I knew something was different about the guy but I'm glad they're looking into it
I have had an issue with rheins Alt 2x when facing off against a roadhog also Alting. When the whole hog pops me into the air i alt and my hammer comes down on the ground the animation is there the hammer down is heard but the alt is not effective. I understand if I am in the air it doesn't go off but when I hit the ground with my hammer it should and always has in the past knocked the road hog down. I feel like if it shows the animation and takes my alt it should knock the roadhog down. Roadhog isn't projecting a shield why would his alt override a Rhein hammer? Not logical and I believe it is an unintended result of this recent modification to his alt. Please address this issue.
Heya JrGong,
Just before your post I managed to do that, so it's still possible just that Earthshatter can be really inconsistent and with the recent patch I'd say it's even more inconsistent.

Also, added another small bug, although it's more a map glitch
Just added a video as well as updated info that changed on the PTR
I just made a post about another possible rein bug:

Does anyone else feel like his charge is a lot less consistent?
I have posted this elsewhere as well, but to ensure this stays on the radar I am posting it here as well:

After the 1.12 patch, Reinhardt's hammer only appears better when hitting stationary things, like walls or furniture in the waiting rooms, but there is still a very prominent delay when hitting other heroes, which makes the problem look ping related.

I play with an average ping of 200.

As other players have said, Reinhardt is popular pick for people with high pings, so please help by fixing this problem.

Any response from Blizzard saying that this is receiving attention will really go a long way to calm the many disgruntled Reinhardt players.

(Thanks for the fix attempt so far, but more work is needed).

PS - There are bugs with many of Reinhardt's abilities, like an inconsistent ult and firestrike, but his hammer is the most broken at this stage.

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