Why does HotS, a F2P, have a better system for loot?

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And this is coming from someone that spent $80 in every event (that's buying 100 lootboxes at the start of each event) PRIOR to the Anniversary Event. The events are just coming too fast and heavy now and the fact some of this content should be permanent makes it more of a joke.

On top of that I had every Uprising item including player icons then 10 of my Uprising sprays disappeared?

Why would I now buy boxes for this event when content can somehow get locked again on my account at random?
you giving them so much money when they don't deserve it is why this !@#$ty business model is still being used.
Well I'm done now.
because the Overwatch players let them get away with it every time
I don't feel like it does honestly, the shards needed to get things makes it seem quite time consuming.
Because Activision likely only has their paws in the heroes and not the loot like overwatch which screams their schemes
Are you talking about HotS 2.0, or the HotS that was out for ~2 years before getting a better loot system?

You couldn't even purchase half of the skins with game currency.
I agree. I've seen F2P models that are less greedy. Which is a shame, because those games depend entirely on those items for income so I'm much more forgiving of them charging more for them. These guys said they have like 30 million people playing this game IIRC, it's likely the majority of those people bought their copies rather than say play using a family member's PS+ account. That's more than enough money, imo, to justify actually doing something for the players during an anniversary event and adding in some permanent content.

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