The lack of legendaries in these lootboxes

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The other day I opened 24 lootboxes. Spent 20 dollars of my own cash, and only got two event legendaries. When I spend 20 dollars, I want more than just two. Even if it were just three. I feel like the chances should be higher. Or event lootboxes should have no normal skins in it. Please blizzard, please increase the chances
I've lost all expectations for lootboxes now.

Levels take forever to get, so Lootboxes are rarer than they used to be. And then, I get 60 currency, max out of it.

At that rate, it will only take 50 lootboxes to buy a legendary event skin!
There is an 11-13% chance of getting a legendary in a loot box. For 24 boxes, you did fine, RNG-wise
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