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Its so hard to face symmetra 1v1 because all she does is hold left click and jump around. Its even worse that her hitbox is small so i can keep up with my aiming and its very hard for me. When i play like soldier, its really hard since he has spread and symmetra all needs to do is just move around and jump until her weapon is charged up. Someone help
Try any of the following heroes: Pharah, Winston, Roadhog, Mei, McCree, D.Va, Reinhardt, and Tracer.

Each of these heroes can reliably kill Symmetra either in or out of her effective range and/or reliably get out of her effective range before she can kill them.
aero a small suggestion, never go 1v1 with sym with soldier on close proximity. he has decent range for a reason, there are other ways to counter her with him. good luck
Use Winston.

also hint: you are not supposed to 1v1 Symmetra.....People think they should be able to kill every hero with the hero they main but thats not how it ever works. Symmetra will kill literally anyone 1v1 that is not a tank or Reaper 95% of the time. Try not to get close to her to begin with. If she gets in range of you then oh well. There is no magical secret to 100% avoid or kill a symmetra player when you have an encounter with them. Sometimes you get lucky/unlucky, sometimes you outplay them, sometimes your fate is simply sealed. Same with any hero in this game.
1. Don't let her get near you.
2. Do the manly thing - and run as fast as you can like a coward from a little skipping girl.
05/27/2017 04:02 PMPosted by Aero
face symmetra 1v1

Don't, unless you're Roadhog, Mei or Reaper, or far away. She only has a 7 meter range
Get your team to help

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