PTR - Game Server Connection Failed

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I cannot Join PTR. It says "Game Server Connection Failed...Retrying". Please help!
Howdy Rooster,

Looking into this for you I found that the PTR for Overwatch is currently no running which is why you can't connect. The best way to tell is check to see if a PTR forum is open, if there isn't then the PTR Is down.
been getting the same message for the last 2 days Game Server Connection Failed..Retrying. news on launcher asks to please help test. can't help if i can't log in
Hey there Mystri,

The PTR is not currently active, as there is nothing currently available for testing. The easiest way to check if the PTR is live as we mentioned previously is to check the front page of the forums here, and look for the PTR section. If no PTR section is there, the PTR is not currently active and will not be accessible.

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