Season 4 End Date?

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05/16/2017 04:20 PMPosted by IXEL
Remember, a shorter off-season could mean little to no changes to season 5's competitive play. A shorter off-season is nice but can also be bad news for another three months.

not necessarily, it's not like they only code in the off season, they could have been working on a fix all season, or maybe they'll work on a fix all next season?
The match system in competitive is really bad. Can you guys think about kind of a temporary ban for players who leaving the match? like 1 week ban or something would be nice, there should be a bigger penalty than this we have now.
Fiona is right.
Competitive is in my opinion almost unplayable.
Despite me playing constant gold medals in my heros class, I never ever come close to hitting gold. (Although I was there in the previous season)

Every win is like a drop in a hot desert. And let me explain why:
Unlike other games, like LOL, Smite etc, leaving a competitive game in overwatch is like a harmless "careful, boy!"-slap. It might hurt a bit but is by far not harsh enough to make you reconsider.
A quitter doesn't care about SR and EXP reduction. And reporting people will help the community as much as the german loans did help greece. (Spoiler: they didn't)

And to be honest: I am officialy giving up on getting out of Silver. For Silver is a place where people jerk around, quitt games or simply don't give a crap about anything but their desire to play Symetra on attack/hanzo/ Some more Hanzo, I will wait for the next placing matches and hope for better tidings. But Blizzard should really rethink the matchmaking and punishment for quitters.
end it now
Just 10 hours to go, very anxious to get my next golden weapon :)
Are you guys considering adding more competitive rewards? The golden gun is ok.....but there should be more.[/quote]

I think they want people to play competitive only for the competitive nature of it. They do not want people to get into a competitive match for cosmetics because that's not what it is about.
I got banned from season 4 so I happy
But when does season 4 ends in europe?
Why does the season end at different times in different regions ATM there's like 9 hrs left on NA and like 15 on EU.
For anyone stuck in lower ranks a good trick to raise your rank if you think you should be higher is to keep playing and try to meet people that you feel played well.
Over time make a 6 man with a decent comp like 2 tanks 2 offense 2 healer setup. And play that comp every game chances are you will win more matches if your group is actually better than the rank yall are at but if not you will stay at your rank.
Also by doing this there is a 0% chance of someone trolling or leaving your team because you made it.

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