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I am gonna make some comparisons here that are often being made, and explain (with plenty of experience as and against Hanzo) that it is not "Overpowered"

First, think of the most common comparison it gets, which is to Soldier 76's rockets, it is the same concept, but there is one thing no one seems to mention, Hanzo's scatter arrows are VERY unpredictable,

Yes, Hanzo can kill most heroes with his scatter, but that is assuming that ALL (or most) of the arrows hit, but thats simply not usally the case,

It is EXTREMELY common in my games, that scatter will simply bounce straight up, or around the enemy, doing little to no damage,

Back to the comparison to Soldier 76's rocket's, the rockets he shoots are precise, wherever you click is where they are going to do 100% of their damage 100% of the time.

It is also said in a forum made recently that covered this topic, Soldier 76's rockets do actually average more kills than Hanzo's scatter arrows,

On top of all of this, Soldier 76 is a much more stable and viable hero than Hanzo, so if Hanzo's scatter only gets a kill 1/3 times, and you can't use his normal arrows to get picks, is he really being valuable to the team?

So while Hanzo's scatter may have more POTENTIAL damage, Soldier 76's rockets (and Roadhog's hook etc) have more GUARANTEED damage, which in many ways make them superior.

I hope this forum will help bring this debate to a close, in my opinion it really shouldn't even be a debate.
the aim on scatter arrow is far more generous. doesnt take that much skill to e at the ground in a 3 metre area infront of someone. especially the bigger tanks like winston. it's ludicrous how much damage it does to him

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