What kind of pet would each OW hero have?

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I know Tracer's pet.

Domesticated Fox. It was used as part of the experiments (against Winston's wishes) before human use of the slipstream system. The fox suffered chronal disassociation like Tracer did, and was assumed lost... until it popped up one day.

Ever since it walks around Tracer's apartment with a chronal leash under Tracer's care, sometimes pops around over at Gibraltar.
Winston and Harambe.
Genji - Sparrow
McCree - Eagle
Pharah - Some real life bird resembling a horus
Reaper - Crow
Soldier 76 - Old Dog
Sombra - Robot dog, maybe like K9
Tracer - Cat.
Bastion - Don't even ask
Hanzo - Wolf
Junkrat - Camerupt (You didn't say it couldn't be a pokemon)
Mei - Polar Bear
Torbjorn - Moose
Widowmaker - Black Widow Spider
D.Va - Gremlin
Orisa - Zebra
Roadhog - Pig
Winston - Gorilla
Zarya - Big Fuzzy Siberian Bear
Ana - Another bird resembling a horus
Lucio - Blue Macaw
Mercy - Weeping Angel
Symmetra - Cat.
Zenyatta - Genji.
Genji: http://www.theoldrobots.com/images75/poo_chi-18.JPG
McCree would probably have a horse cuz you know, cowboy. I'd prefer him to have the wolf but I guess that is going to Hanzo. Stupid Hanzo always ruining everything.
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Pharah with a cat that has an jetpack

o hell yea
null sector Bastion would have a little robot bird, BUT WAIT THEY SCRAPPED IT! :P
A cat for Winston like Koko the gorilla!
Genji: A lizard (because dragon)
McCree: Border Collie
Pharah: Some kind of parrot or hawk
Reaper: Raven (nevermore...)
Soldier: Wolverine
Sombra: A !@#$ing goat
Tracer: Squirrel (they are really hyper!)
Bastion: Ganymede
Hanzo: Two lizards (because two dragons)
Junkrat: Rat (duh)
Mei: Shih tzu
Torbjorn: Hamster or Guinea Pig
Widowmaker: Spider
D.Va: Bunny
Orisa: Efi
Reinhardt: LION!
Roadhog: Piglet
Winston: Uhhhh himself
Zarya: Siberian bear
Ana: Cat (she's an old lady)
Lucio: Frog
Mercy: A katahdin sheep (I have them, you won't ever see them not making sure everybody is okay!)
Symmetra: A lot of fish in a big tank
Zenyatta: Sloth
mccree would look cool with a dog in my opinion
I imagine Winston having a rat or a guinea pig. Some kind of lab animal that he feels bad about attempting to experiment on, and then befriends and takes care of it.
Genji - Snake
Genji - Gray Fox

Because he said so.
Surprised there are so many ravens/crows going to Reaper (guessing because of his alt skin?) when his main skin is much more owl.
hmm Reaper should have an Owl or a Raven
Junkrat would totally have a Hyena!
Ana would have an owl :)
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05/17/2017 10:35 AMPosted by Michael Chu
I think he'd have a kunekune.

Thanks for replying to a thread that has nothing to do with bettering OW, while you ignore the countless ones that do. Great relations, Michael Chu.

Yeah let's go ahead and belittle the blizzard employees who respond here. That'll do wonders for us all.
So as a cowboy McCree would have a horse. Though I could see a stray dog that follows him around because he fed it.
Genji would have a sparrow.
Mercy would have a dove because she is all about that peace.
A raven would go well with Reaper.
D.Va has the bunny. Duh.
I think a bird (preferably a sparrow) would be great for Bastion.
Just my opinion! :D

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