New MVP Agent Active: WyomingMyst!

Technical Support
Greetings, Heroes of Overwatch!

It is with great pleasure that we announce newly activated MVP, WyomingMyst! An active participant through our Twitter CROWDS Program (@WyomingMyst) and our Technical Support Forums, WyomingMyst has been ready to tackle any technical challenge no matter where trouble arises. We welcome his expertise, enthusiasm, and passion for helping other Overwatch Agents in the technical field.

The forums could always use more heroes! Please join me in welcoming WyomingMyst!
Welcome to the program, WyomingMyst! Glad to have you!
Welcome! Welcome!

We're all mad here...
Welcome to the NA Green team WyomingMyst.

Thanks to Blizzard for giving me this amazing opportunity. Overwatch has been my first major Blizzard game that I pour time and energy into. Ever since the Blizzard Support team helped me resolve a plaguing game crash last fall that nearly ruined my Season 2 campaign, I decided to use a majority of skill that I acquired (and already have) to help others. While not the most skilled Overwatch player, I do consider myself a die-hard fan. I hope that I continue to help others here just as much with the fancy green text (and with the cool inside tools they have for me to work with).

Welcome to the party! Please take your complimentary Cookies. ^.^
Welcome, WyomingMyst! Great to have you aboard!
Woot! Welcome aboard WyomingMyst! More meat for the grinder!
Woohoo! Greetings and salutations!
Hihi! Welcome to you, WyomingMyst! :D
Hey WyomingMyst!

Your expertise and willingness to help others on twitter has been much appreciated. Well deserved green text! :)
Welcome WyomingMyst!
Welcome! *sets out cookies and coffee*
Even tho I'm not an MVP or support forum agent. I would like to say welcome WyomingMyst.
Happy to have you aboard, and thanks for taking the time to help our Overwatch community with their technical issues.
Woot! Awesome to the team!
Welcome to party WyomingMyst! *noms the cookies*

It's great to have an Overwatch connection in the group!
Hey WyomingMyst! Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!

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