Event Loot Boxes are Worthless

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Total waste of time. Whats the deal, all the contents of all the normal boxes are there in the mix and you have to win the lottery to get one of the event skins? Sheesh, atleast League Of Legends is a free game. You are effectively charging for skins here; i've not even got ONE yet, even though i've played 2-3 hours each day. This is total rubbish. I am not buying your boxes, Blizzard.
I agree, it is extremely frustrating when you finally see a golden aura and you get a non event skin. Unfortantly the only thing we can do now is to not buy the loot boxes with cash and just suck it up, Blizzard will not destroy the cash cow now. :(
Any given event box you have a 2% chance to get an event skin. Otherwise known as 1/50.
While I do agree the loot box RNG is really terrible and I will never buy them since i've had two friends spend $50 in an event and get hardly any event related skins/emotes, you're logic makes no sense. "You're effectively charging for skins here", yet you compared it to league of legends which also charges for skins. Sure you can get free things in league from the keys/chests, but in overwatch you get the boxes and don't even need the keys for the content. So again, I do agree the event loot boxes need tweaked, but you're comparison makes no sense when all the content in this game is easier to get for free than it is in league.
They shouldn't make event exclusive skins all the time.
Timegated content is awful.
Yeah, they should lower the prices to buy skins during the event too.
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