WHY Are My SHOTS Disappearing ! (Overwatch is broken)

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Anyone else noticing ghost shots more so than usual??

Like your projectile just vanishes when it hits enemies / or when they shoot your bullet??

This always kinda existed... but now. Its gotten exponentially worse. It's in Every single game I play. I and many other players I spoke with, that are cursed with the same issue, undoubtedly thinks this is game breaking ( Feel bad for season 5 comp players TBH)

Games almost unplayable, literally..

-Ana.. sleep dart near useless( game changing move)
-Hanzo.. Dud arrows, Some will do zero dmg- while struck , Some dont even shoot
-Mei .. Right click.... Direct hit, zero dmg. Also other projectile can cancel hers out.
-Roadhogs.. Right click can also ghost. Also his hook breaks almost every projectile now.
-Rien- Hammer ghost hits. Players reporting. That every match it happens.
Pharah- When dieing, direct hit with rocket disappears or doesn't do damage.Same goes with solider aswell, heard people complain about hit scan too!!

--*Game of dice rolls now*--

Jeff are you aware, that this is even happening?


Here are a few examples of what Im referring too. Its getting worse.





This happens ALL the time with Sleepdart; enjoy :D
I find it has gotten worse and worse
Yes. I notice this a lot with Ana. I notice my projectiles either go straight through, or they appear to land but do nothing (sometimes I only get half the animation of it, sometimes nothing). This is especially infuriating with important sleep darts that could have made a huge impact in the game.

I also feel hit boxes in general are wonky. Shots that might have worked in the past, no longer do. I also notice a lot of the time when I scope in, a lot more obstacles get in the way than normal even when it looks like I have a clear shot.
Okay thank god im not the only one. People in quick play were saying same thing also. I Even notice enemy shots sometimes doing nothing to me. When infact direct hit.
Is it just Ana or also others?
Yeah I have been worried it's just happening to me too, it hasn't been brought up a whole lot tbh (I been looking into it and writing in bug posts etc) but only very few have commented. I complained to this to my friend and his response was "well if it was a problem, wouldn't more people know about it?" -.-
My rockets disappear midair if I die. That's always irritating.
Im an awful sniper. Im an awful Hanzo, but i know when i land shots out of luck or skill. And im also able to recognize when my shots past through targets without doing any kind of dmg.
Would be angry if i were to main him.
As angry as i am with the many bugs sombra has.
05/31/2017 06:00 AMPosted by SteamPunk
My rockets disappear midair if I die. That's always irritating.
^ this
It happens every single time
05/31/2017 05:29 AMPosted by Uperior
This happens ALL the time with Sleepdart; enjoy :D

Like, I hear the noise of the dart gun go off, but nothing comes out and the wind up animation resets. Super annoying.
Mei is completely useless right now. My brother even had the enemy team saY THAT they were shot 3 times without zero damage.

Helix rocket, useless. Hits when it wants too

Every projectile I used so far is broken to pieces :(
05/31/2017 05:54 AMPosted by DerGReif2
Is it just Ana or also others?

Others. Alot of them are
if Roadhog hook you, your sleep dart will vanish, and that's very annoying.
I noticed this with Mei. Also, sometimes when I go to put my wall up with Mei, a single pillar will appear rather than the whole wall.
I have this issue with hitscan too. Aim center of mass with S76 on a standing roadhog using 3 round burst fire, every 3rd shot will not register. Its pretty silly.
05/31/2017 05:54 AMPosted by DerGReif2
Is it just Ana or also others?
Projectile users are affected entirely. Hanzo ghost arrows are a primary and incredibly spreaded example of it.
Not sure if hitscan heroes got this too

but I was playing Soldier yesterday & I missed half of my clip on a Roadhog from 5m away I was like wtf?
Reinhardt hammer is broken too.

I also want to add having seen targets take the damage from sleep darts, but not getting slept. So it's nothing to do with "client-side prediction" as this guy mentions. There have been all kinds of !@#$ery with projectiles, the problem is too diverse to just boil down to that. It got this bad after patch. Last I played during omnic, everything was fine.

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