Can't connect using university guest wifi

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I'm doing a summer internship, and part of it takes place at a university. Because we're only here for 2 and a half weeks, they didn't make student accounts for everyone to gain wireless internet access. Instead they gave us a guest password we have to re-enter on a university gateway webpage every time we open our computers in order to connect to the internet.

So I enter the password and Chrome works fine, but & therefore Overwatch can't connect to the internet. Is there a way to resolve this? I don't want to miss the anniversary event!

PS: I'm using Windows 10.
Howdy Pikanyaa,

For issues like this you will want to contact the ADMIN for the University, normally this happens because the connection isn't table enough or they have the ports for the Blizzard App blocked. The only way to get those ports open or support with the connection is to contact the ADMIN or the point of contact they gave you for any tech issues.

Hopefully they can get things resolved for you so you can play some games!

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