Is this really the final state for D.Va?

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I will not even try to argue what many have argued countless of times.
But is this really the last state for D.Va?
Playing D.Va is just plain boring. Her only function basically is DM and glitter the enemy with confetti damage.
I mean, I am happy to have learn so many other heroes this season, and the game is ever more fun. But after revisiting D.Va I still feel she is just boring to play with.
And her stats still show the decline in usage according to skill. The more advanced the player the less likely they will choose her. Which indicate that even the DM is not really that valuable. I will like this to be addressed rather than just ignored. As I say the game is still fun but I play D.Va since the beta and I can honestly say she was more fun even before the buff than now.
'Sombras only function is hacking'

'Soldiers only function is shooting things'

'Mercys only use is a healbot'

I can do that too

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