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Since DPS is always instalocked, I thought "You know what? Might as well main a tank." Out of all the tanks, I found D.Va the most fun, and I'm pretty good at her. So I want to start maining D.Va.
So, D.Va mains out there, do you guys have any tips?
If you 1v1 a usually the first shot wins unless she uses her thrusters.
Not a D.Va main, but I've played her a little bit and have some basic tips! I hope these help some.
  • Your boosters do 25 damage if you run into somebody. Melee right after it ends/you cancel it and you can get 55 damage on 'em! They also can boop people off ledges, so if you can pull off a boop, do it.
  • Learn to expect if enemies have their ult and when they're gunna use it. If Hanzo's using his, get all up in his face to DM the arrow; same goes for Zarya, Pharah, Mei, Tracer, and some others! Eating Firestrikes also helps, since you block ult charge for Rein.
  • Defense Matrix can be used to block a hook/a hook combo if you're in range.
  • Pilot D.Va can be a nuisance if you play her right! Just remember not to get too close, though; I can't count the number of cocky D.Va's who get up in my face when I'm playing Reinhardt, only to be squashed. Stay kinda far away from enemies. Also, keep in mind that the bullets got a travel time!
  • Try to not be the only tank on your team unless you're super confident with her. She works best when paired with another tank.
  • Don't try to 1v1 other tanks/heavy damage dealers. In most scenarios, you'll be the one going down. Stick with your team or a buddy!
Practice the Matrix+Boost+Shoot+Melee combo, and use that to start your fights.

Avoid diving into teams. You're excellent in 1v1s, but D.Va gets melted instantly if she dives too deep. Don't fight 1v6es.

Seek out 1v1s. The last poster disagrees, but in my experience D.Va wins the majority of 1v1 fights once she's in range (exceptions are hog and reaper). Go after isolated targets (soldier on high ground, zen out of position, etc) and you can usually secure a kill or at least make them run.

Save DM for critical moments. You're not reinhardt, with a shield up 24/7. Make sure to save teammates from hooks, protect them while they ult, and to nullify enemy ultimates.

You have a very short effective range. A VERY short effective range. Don't engage past point blank.
Sticking with your team is the absolute biggest one. Keep an eye out for dangerous enemies that your team cant deal with, roadhog, pharah and widowmaker are the top 3, you can neutralize them with defense matrix or dive them depending on what the situation requires. Never dive more than 1 person, ever, you will lose 100% of the time. If theres a lone enemy on the high ground its your job to deal with it, you can kill them or knock them down with your thrusters. Try to make use of defense matrix in a way that protects teammates, if your teammate is in a risky position, ulting or something like that you can and should protect them, if you know the enemy team has a sniper use defense matrix to cover teammates who are going into line of sight of the sniper, stuff like that. Good positioning as dva is usually around corners or the payload, this lets you break line of sight really quickly if the enemy gets the upper as well, try not to stand out in the middle of streets, while you are a tank you can still get messed up really quickly. And just to say again, stick with your team, dva does have some flanking capabilities but she is infinitely better when she has a healer backing her up and some squishies to protect.
Ive mained since beta and now im a Master rank with 61% win rate on her in soloQ. Im definitely not the best, but I think I know enough to help you.

Defense matrix is the best defensive ability in the game. is a tank, Ive solo tanked with her in masters. I main tanks and's DM is hands down the best. Only use the defense matrix for the following:
1. To save yourself. Sometimes youre in a tight spot and need to use it to save yourself.
2. To save a teammate. If Roadhog hooks a friendly or theyre over extended save them. If you know a sleep dart or a large amount of dps is coming you can save them.
3. To cancel an enemy ult. Ults are what shift the game's tide. If you cancel a soldier76, pharah, or roadhog ult youre doing pretty good. Try to cancel Zarya's its the strongest ult in the game.
4. To protect a friendly ult. Some friendlies stand still when ulting like Pharah and McCree. Roadhog cant heal himself when ulting so hes also vulnerable. Sheilding them will let them perform their ult and save their life.
5. Combat. This is the most advanced way to use it and it takes practice to develop strategies. Use defense matrix to make enemies use up their ammo when fighting. Prime example is Roadhog, if you flash your defense matrix on and off at the same time that he would fire you can continue to put out dps on him without taking any damage from him. He only has 4 shots and his hook is on an 8 second cooldown. Force him to heal and reload.

Boosters should be used for positioning yourself quickly to perform your roles. Save your boosters if people are using enviromental kills to save yourself. Boosters deal 25dmg on impact and if you melee you'll deal 30dmg for a total of 55 immediate damage when engaging. Be aware that boosters have knockback so you dont want to knock enemies out of your effective range. Knockback can be used for many things as long as you have an imagination to think of them.

Her fusion cannons are very underrated. You can take on any tank, except for a highly charged Zarya, you can even take Roadhog head on if you use DM properly. If you get good at knowing her effective range you will get kills. Dont bunny hop when firing just focus on aim tracking. Since she doesnt reload you can hammer away at barriers too. I usually get over 15k damage a match.

Self-destruct is difficult. You need to use it to either zone an objective or to get picks. When making a push use's ult to kill enemies that are out of position and force everyone else off the objective. On the other hand when the enemy team makes a push you can ult just as they come in and if youre lucky you'll get some kils and they will waste ults. You can also use your ult if you see enemies with no where they could hide and no abilities to save themselves. If you see a guaranteed kill, take it.

When de-meched try get back asap. Sometimes killing yourself is the best option. You can get your mech back really fast though just find a big target to shoot.

If you have any questions about anything in particular feel free to ask.
Don't use DM against another Dva since it's better to just start firing at her with infinite ammo.
Come to the forums and complain about how Dva needs buffs.

And also everything that that's been said already, great advice.
D.Va can do two main roles really well.

1. Hunting down stragglers and squishy priority targets (like Widowmaker or Hanzo)

2. Protecting your team

For #1, D.Va is really good at boosting to an isolated opponent and killing them outright. This is especially good against Widowmaker. If the enemy team has a Widowmaker trying to setup at a vantage point, you can easily dash in with your boost and kill her, or make her runaway and lose her vantage point. This is actually one of her best uses and she rivals Harambe in countering Widow. She is also great at countering isolated Pharahs in this case. - you can literally just shoot her out of the sky at medium range. She will fall or runaway.

Sometimes in the heat of battle your team wins the skirmish and the enemy team is dead and has some stragglers running off to regroup. D.Va is very good at hunting them down and finishing them off (like a Mercy who was at the back and is now running away). The only people I'd avoid engaging in in this manner are Roadhog and Reaper.

If you're not doing the above, then you should be with your team. D.Va is really good at protecting the team, not in a Reinhardt or Orisa kind of way, but as someone at the front leading the push for the team and cancelling out dangerous attacks with DM, and also running back to kill or drive off flankers trying to take out your squishies. She's really good at that. Flankers usually work solo or in twos at most, you can usually win 1v1s against any Flanker (including Harambe) because you have high health and don't ever need to reload, and have better mobility than they do thanks to boost and its low cooldown, and they tend to need to dive in to engage, which puts them into your effective shooting range.

D.Va does not dive the same way Winston does, though. You can't dive in, drop a shield, and take out a big chunk of enemy life with an AOE attack the way Winston does, and live to tell about it. So don't do it.

You can however really be a pain in the !@# doing the two things mentioned above.

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