Tips on how to get better at landing hooks?

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I'm starting to improve my hog game, but I'm wanting to know how I could improve my hook accuracy. any and all advice is appreciated
honestly hook is so !@#$ing wonky at times idk. You could always do the anna bot thing but turn head shotting on for Roadhog and practice that way.
Time your shots, Don't get trigger happy. Patience is the key.

Once you start learning counters and baits .You'll be able to predict movements and lead your hooks/shots.
It's the same as learning how to aim with anything, it just takes practice and some time.
Get used to how certain heroes generally move, how fast they move, and how fast you throw out your hook.
As soon as Rein drops his shield, just throw out your hook. Even if you don't kill the rein / whoever else yourself, it will pull them into your team to finish them off.
Create a customized game with Road without CD on your hook and 3-4 Lucio with 125% speed. Practice that 5-10 minutes every day.

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