Heroes of The Storm/Overwatch event item glitch

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After I had received the Heroes of The Storm items (genji skin, emblem, and spray. Same for dva) everything was fine, it was all on my account. But the problems started happening when I got on my Xbox One account to play, I had forgotten that it was linked to my battle net account and that the two were synced. When I got on the account it oddly had both of the event skins (oni genji and officer dva) but had none of the other event items. This problem then arose on my PC account, it has both of the skins and the sprays but not the emblems. The only thing i can think of to do would be to disconnect my battle net account from the xbox account.
Also, the reason I have the Dva emblem as my emblem is because I had it chosen before the items were shifted.
Howdy Unidentity,

I did some looking into this for you and found that this is a known bug that is currently being worked on. Sadly there are no workaround to get these to show back up but hopefully this will be fixed up soon so you can use your skins again.

On a side note this does include the emblems as well, and we have seen as long as you had it selected before they vanished they will still show as the emblem. I recommend not swapping off of the one you have until the issue is resolved.
Ok, cool. Thanks a lot for responding. I'll keep that in mind.

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