Trying to understand why Roadhog was nerfed

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05/31/2017 04:51 PMPosted by GDGaming
So it seems people who hates roadhog its because when they flank, roadhog punish those people from the hook.

Others hates his right click damage, his self healing, his hook.

I want to know what else. Because I can't seem to understand why he's been nerfed so many times and people still complaining.

Right now on ptr patch, it seems that roadhog will be useless. He'll be just spamming right click with no kills.

He's hook and meele combo is consistent with 200hp characters.

If u were getting killed by roadhog you do realise it isn't the hero itself is the problem. It's you. You do have option to have soldier since he has the range. If he's trying to get close, how about call it out so ur team can pounce on the roadhog.

Tldr; his nerf is unnecessary because the players that got killed from him aren't skilled enough to counter attack

They hate him for two reasons:

1) They don't know how to counter him.
2) They don't want to have to counter him. Usually cause they have to play a different Hero. The idea is to nerf him so they can play the Heor's they want with less counters.

It is why most people call for nerfs and buffs.
05/31/2017 06:45 PMPosted by Spartatuchas
05/31/2017 06:36 PMPosted by EMMASOS
It seems like every person here that does not MAIN HOG thinks he is immortal and OP. couldn't be more wrong.

I don't main Hog, not even close, and i don't think he's immortal or op. I just don't get why people think he's gonna be useless just because his hook isn't a guaranteed solo kill. If you're near your team the hook will still get u a kill, if you're not right by your team the hook will still take somebody outta the fight for a while to get heals. The hook still has a TON of value, you've just gotta remember Overwatch doesn't have a deathmatch mode and there's more to it than just getting kills.

hi my good friend, i invite you to see this

from your own perspective (that will be that you are not close to main or even use roadhog) that seems to be good. But that's not right.

Being roadhog is not about being OP and not about being immortal or even "broken" as some people may say actually. Roadhog is a special tank cause he can break the enemy's team allignment by hooking Any character and kill them (specially when the other team is about to wipe everyone with their ult combinations).

At Short range and even with that giant scrap gun is really difficult to survive any attack (all of this if hogs misses the hook).

it is not about being salty anymore. it is about the job that hog has to fullfil being destroyed with these changes.

i main roadhog and felt in love with him but god... there are a lot of GREAT examples of how to kill him and how to avoid being oneshot killed by him and all of that includes TEAM WORK.

so for me (I SAID FOR ME) these changes are just the living proof that people's memes about that hook and roadhog's abilities are a problem for crying babies.
05/31/2017 06:44 PMPosted by ŜƐĿƘĨƐ
05/31/2017 06:33 PMPosted by Matthouse70
Okay now give me one character that can take hog on by themselves.
So should the team focus him down?
Yes, it is a solution.
But a hero should not always require more than one person's attention to defeat.

Genji can harrass hog okay, though Hog usually wins.

McCree can easily keep Hog shutdown using high-ground and range (something he should be doing anyways).

Pharah can keep Hog shutdown and use him as a massive ult battery.

Reaper, assuming he baited out Hog hook could really contest him.

76 is basically the same as McCree except he can self-heal chip damage f/ right/left clicks.

Sombra can hack hog and have her team destroy him.

Tracer can kit him for TOOOONS of ult charge, then recall to safety.

Bastion, with the team support he already needs can destroy hog.

Mei can wall-off hooks (even wall between hog and hook target to interupt), self-heal and freeze him.

Widow is hard to play if he gets close, but you can double-fully charged headshot him for a kill.

Junkrat has issues against him.

Hanzo can wear him down at medium range if you use wallclimb to bait hooks.

Torb is pretty screwed.

Orisa is pretty countered if he can land a hook, but her shield and Halt! CC him hard.

D.Va can defense matrix teammates.

Can't hook through reinhardt shields.

Winston has a hard time playing against Hog.

Zarya can farm a ton of charge off hog easily.

Lucio has issues.

Mercy has issues.

Ana can actually 1v1 hog pretty reliably if you're remotely decent.

Symm has issues unless previously full-charged.

Zen has issues.

Now that's a lot of supports with issues, but supports also have issues against Genji, Pharah, McCree, 76, Sombra, Tracer, Bastion, Mei, Junkrat, Hanzo, Widowmaker, Torbjorn, Reinhardt, Orisa, Zarya, Winston and other supports in a 1v1 so what is your point?

The fact that a hog with good aim will land the hook and one-three shot all of his counters.
05/31/2017 06:32 PMPosted by Cujo
05/31/2017 06:30 PMPosted by MSC

It's called teamwork. How does a Lucio survive against a Winston in a 1v1? News flash, he doesn't. His team needs to back up him.
That level of team work doesn't exist for the majority of the player base.

So you want the game to be balanced towards a lower level of team work?
"So roadhog stil one shot 200 health character, just witha better aim"-seagull
The only people that complained about hog are the same people that complain about bastion silvers and bronzes (edit: and people that main 3v3 hate hog rightly so lol) the fact that i can easily 1v1 roadhog with characters like hanzo at any range when i really should only be able to at long range is kind of silly. He is the weakest he has ever been yet still good and viable he is at a very balanced spot he didnt need a nerf because apart from the obvious not being as strong as before he feels clunky and un fun to play and that should never happen. I hope the changes dont go live also reaper op
05/31/2017 06:30 PMPosted by MSC
05/31/2017 06:12 PMPosted by Kyokkai

Aka rely on someone else while Roadhog only needs to rely on himself.

Argument defeated.

It's called teamwork. How does a Lucio survive against a Winston in a 1v1? News flash, he doesn't. His team needs to back up him.

Darling, darling.

Did you not understand?

Old hog only needs himself.

Everyone else has to play the team game.

Not Roadhog.

Do you understand the imbalance?
My problem isn't that its a one-hit kill, its with the ease in which someone can get it. It shouldn't be a one-click, done to land the hook, then a followup shot.

In my opinion, there should be a lead-up, a one-second charge up for the attack, meaning there's SKILL involved in landing the hook. This is basic game design 101 - the bigger the attack, the larger the build up. If a player wants the dividend of big damage, then he needs to prepare himself and use it at the correct timing, just like everyone else.

Secondly, if the receiving player had a way off the hook in defence, then it would be fair. It should be hard, but not impossible. Several characters seem to have this already. Sombra seems to be able to break the hook a lot, Zen can't much at all.
05/31/2017 06:17 PMPosted by GDGaming
To all the down voters: explains to me then. Explain why do you think hog deserves this nerf? If you got killed from a hog, Why? Was it because you were out position? Was it because you were by ur self and think u can 1 v 1 against a hog (when ur a 200hp dps)?

I don't get it. After all the hate u got from Road you're rejoicing but don't you realize that it's ur own fault for not understanding how roadhog's mechanic works?

being "out of position" is the most lame overused excuse to justify Hog BS damage and range.
Literally every DPS in the game punishes bad postioning, difference is they have to use skill or risk to confirm the kill.

Flankers like Tracer,Genji or Reaper have to close in the distance by themselves.

Long range attackers like Widow or Mcree have to actually aim and usually perform skill shots to kill the target ASAP

In medium range like 76 you still have to aim.

What they lack is a BS hook with the hitbox of size of a bus and BS damage that allows insta-kills with little to no skill.
On the subject of the hook Hog mains define "good positioning" by standing behind a Rein shield 24/7, and call BS when people rightfully said Hog is broken and cheap.

Wanna know why? Hook range is 20 metres wich is basically the range of three Tracer's blinks (21m).
So we have a 225 damage dealer hero, which can instakill 80% of the cast and has a tool with the range of one of the best positioning abilities in the game that makes him easier to insta-kill.

If you think that's fair, then you don't have a clue about balance, and that's not taking into account his also BS right click and heal.

On a final note, like I previously mention you don't have to play a 200hp character for Hog to One-shot you, he can one shot all the cast minus the tanks with Zarya being the only exception.
And even then Rein on Wiston are left with less than 20% of their health, so just another shot from Hog and their dead, so he can one shot everyone with 400hp or less and two shot chars with 600 - 500hp.
A self healing tank with excellent crowd control and 1 shot ability, and people are confused why he got nerfed.

05/31/2017 05:30 PMPosted by Rootlan
Simple: a tank that can one shot all of the cast minus 4 tanks is not really a tank.
Also his one shot took little skill, Just compare it to other one shot's methods like a Widow Headshot or a Tracer pulse bomb.

He wasn't a tank, a tank does not output 225 flat damage (funny note he could output more damage than Reaper) a tank which whithout the hook could still one shot 60% of the cast.
So you call us out for not being skilled enough to fight a roadhog but what skill is the hog bringing to the table all you do is hit a hook with a massive hit box. Also roadhogs powerful enough that if genji solo ults him and hits him with every swipe of the sword roadhog will still survive. Tell me why a character with that much sustain has the potential to one shot nearly every hero in the game.
Holy !@#$ talk about cry babies... The nerfs aren't even that bad. Honestly giving him faster attack and more shots really makes his right click spam pretty nasty against a grouped team. As far as the one shot it still works if you arent a %^-*ing scrub which I assume most of you who were RH mains are.
05/31/2017 07:33 PMPosted by Kyokkai
05/31/2017 06:30 PMPosted by MSC

It's called teamwork. How does a Lucio survive against a Winston in a 1v1? News flash, he doesn't. His team needs to back up him.

Darling, darling.

Did you not understand?

Old hog only needs himself.

Everyone else has to play the team game.

Not Roadhog.

Do you understand the imbalance?
In what game is S76, Tracer, Genji & others playing the "Team Game" cuz it sure af aint Overwatch. Alot of characters are fully capable of going off on thier own. Is Widow playing the "Team Game" picking off headshots faster than Hog can Hook?

The idea in your head is situational at best. Hog plays the "Team Game" as frequently as anyone else.

Some might feel as if Hog's 1s1k aspect was cheap but what do you call Symmetra beam that kills even faster an easier? You avoid her range like you had to avoid Hog.
Nerfed Roadhog huh? ya he deserve it.
He wasn't fun.

In the real game he Forces everyone to stack behind shields all game.
In 1vs1 he is must pick
In 3vs3 he is must pick

That seems to be a major problem so they are going to try and rework him
This is a buff for roadhog not a nerf.

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